Sen. Ray Scott defends taking corporate PAC money


Colorado state Senator Ray Scott came out swinging in a blog posted four days ago defending himself against the hard-hitting new “Pay Scott” video posted online by his challenger, Chris Kennedy, that lists all the Corporate PAC money Scott takes.

Kennedy says he will not take any corporate PAC funds, “period.”

Scott justified his taking corporate PAC money by claiming that the PACs that fund him represent the “hard-working families of Mesa County.”


Scott takes money from outlaw corporations

Scott won’t just take money from out-of-state corporate interests, but also corporations that have been fined billions by the federal government for committing egregious, widespread offenses against consumers.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State, Scott takes money from the Apartment Association of Metro Denver PAC, Wells Fargo PAC in Minneapolis, General Motors PAC in Washington, D.C., and the Colorado Telecommunications PAC in Denver, among others.

These are not exactly corporate interests known for working to benefit local workers. In fact, the “Violation Tracker” says Wells Fargo has been forced to pay over $5.5 billion in fines so far for offenses against working families including mortgage abuses, wage and hour violations, consumer protection violations and banking violations.

Moreover, to portray “hard working Mesa County families” in his blog, Scott used a Shutterstock™ image titled “Group of Multi-Ethnic Diverse People with Different Jobs.”

Could it be that Scott didn’t have on hand even one photo of himself visiting with real, actual hard-working families of Mesa County?

It isn’t just possible. It’s probable.

The Shutterstock™ photo Ray Scott used to portray “the hard-working families of Mesa County” in his blog





2 comments for “Sen. Ray Scott defends taking corporate PAC money

  1. Dick Gilmore
    October 12, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Scott is a corporate hack. Chris Kennedy will do so much better for the people.

  2. Manny Cisneros
    October 12, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    My favorite line in his attack: “Here’s the truth.”

    Then again. If truth isn’t truth, then truth must be whatever tf we want it to be right?

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