Hate in Grand Junction, Halloween edition

This sign was placed on our lawn tonight, positioned facing the house. We were out to dinner and to Best Buy earlier in the evening and when we came back, the subdivision was filled with cars parked along the streets, indicating lots of out-of-area trick-or-treaters were in the neighborhood. The sign wasn’t there yet when we got home. When we got home, we left the front of the house dark and went to the back to watch TV. When I took the dog out for his last walk tonight just after 10:00 p.m., I found this sign placed on our lawn. We have political signs on our lawn for Chris Kennedy, Sen. D-7 and Tanya Travis, HD-55. But this looks pretty planned. If anyone has any tips about who did it, please contact me.

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    • Taking pleasure in a woman’s injury is…Well, pretty much your speed, isn’t it?
      Pretty sure she’ll be fine; she’s pretty tough.

      • You must be delusional….again. I never said a word about nasty Nancy. Maybe you’re misinterpreting my comment on crying Chuck Schumer. He’s really sensitive you know. And just think Scott, you’d be celebrating tomorrow with the rest of us, if your dog hadn’t eaten your DD214. How sad!

        • Great news out of Palm Beach and Broward County Florida. They have now found enough uncounted ballots to put Al Gore over the top.

          • This just in, following White House press conference confrontation between Trump and CNN sucks Jim Acosta, Trump may be accused of disabling a mock reporter.

        • Oh, look; General Patton has returned as promised, crazy as ever. I guess it’s true; The Only Way to Fix Stupid is to Vote Them Out….

          And that’s what Colorado has done now.

          • You mean like; P E R I O D !!! And thanks, I had a bet that’s what you would come back with. That’s the trouble with you Godless socialists, you’re all check and no balance.

          • Fear and impotent rage is making you more and more irrational. isn’t it? The brave, self-styled Freedom Fighter (who lets everyone else fight his battles) can’t even put his own name to his rhetoric — and that’s the part that drives you crazy. You can’t take public credit for your chest-thumping declarations of your own imagined bravery and prowess, because that would put you at the same risk as the people you attack, who bother to put their names to their words, and you use that against them, in an act of cowardice. Ironically, none of them are scared of you or what you think you know about them.
            The Founders signed their names to their beliefs, and on their own death warrants in 1776. You want to imitate them, pretending you would have the guts to take even the slightest bit of risk they took. But that’s not unlike you , for you attach yourself to other’s actions and bravery like a lamprey, pretending you’re really the shark. Luckily, the Blue Wave that’s swept the state is no threat to you, or what you believe; Democrats are all about tolerance. Believe what you like. Worship how you want. Love who you love. Own guns, if you like, if you hunt, target shoot, or if they just make you feel safe. No one’s coming after them. Just leave people alone who aren’t bothering you, mind your own business, and you’ll be fine.

          • It only requires one word to discredit your entire rant; Kavanaugh. And why do you suppose you didn’t think of that, Scotty?

          • Kavenaugh? The Supreme Court Justice who, so far, hasn’t made any controversial decisions? That’s who you’re going to pin your hopes on now? He’s your latest man-crush, that’s going to save you from the big, scary Liberal Menace? My goodness, you’ll just flip your skirt for anyone these days, won’t you? Every “strong Conservative” is your new beau, your Knight in a III% Hat, giving you the vapors and sending you to the fainting couch. Oh, my stars!

            And, no, I’m sorry, I’m not Scott (whoever he is). I could even prove it by verifying it with the owner of this blog (not that you’d believe them, anyway). I’m not an Atheist. Never been.
            I’m no one of any consequence, and you certainly haven’t encountered me when you’re skulking around events, eavesdropping like a political Peeping Tom. I’m just a guy who dislikes it when nasty old men try to be tough by making veiled threats, indirectly and vicariously. All you have do is turn on a little light, and they scuttle away like roaches.

          • “All you have do”? I see that your new found civility, matches your native dialect, Scotty. But then that was the point, wasn’t it?

          • You really don’t understand most of the words you use, do you? You’ve just been parroting others this whole time. Keep calling me Scott, if it makes you feel any better. I guess the alternative is worse, isn’t it?

          • Well, I know what fold like a lawn chair looks like when I see it, but then it wasn’t exactly a fair fight. I mean, you being such a fart smeller and all. But you resisted like a real cretin. Was it something I said?

          • It’s impossible to make sense of your babbling any more. But if you insist all calling me Scott, even though it’s not who I am, I’ll just call you Dennis.
            Fair enough?

          • Oh my, you are a clever boy, Scotty. Yeah, that’s the ticket, just call me Dennis, or Donald, or Daffy frackin duck. I could tell right away you were their best and their brightest. I hope we can count on that. You should have quit while you were a behind. And no, that’s not a typo, Scotty.

          • Let’s review. You claim your name is not Scotty boy, and you say; “I could even prove it by verifying it with the owner of this blog”. And the owner of this blog would be the infamous Anne Landman, who lists her address as; “across the street” from Gary Cox, who is listed in the White Pages as residing at 672 Moonridge Ct.
            So just out of curiosity, what were you hoping for? False flag name recognition? And how could we help you with that?

            Why didn’t you just hire an airplane to fly across the valley, towing a banner that reads; ‘not Scotty boy, and you can verify that by inquiring at Anne Landman’s home, directly across the street from 672 Moodridge Ct’?

            And you do realize of course, it’s a toss up, which one of you two appear as not the brightest bulb on the tree?

          • Now you’re shrieking “False Flag”, Dennis? Really?
            So much for the bravery of a self-described American Patriot.

            All your posturing, all your tough talk, and you’re cowering at the idea that them scary Liberals know your name and address. What do you think they’ll do? Drive by in their Prius, honk, and speed away? Sign you up for the Mother Earth News? Install solar panels against your will?

            Maybe it’s not the Liberals you’re actually afraid of, Dennis. Maybe it’s your fellow conservatives, the ones you’ve so often bragged about spying upon for your own agenda, who might be interested to know your “secret identity”. The one you’ve been hiding behind for so long. All your posts are still out there, on the web. Everything. And now, if they wanted, they could put a name to them. Yours.

            As for posting Anne’s address (as close as you have the courage to); her name, her address, and her political affiliations are all a matter of public record, so you posting them wouldn’t be breaking any laws. It’s just you being your usual creepy, cowardly self. As I said, they’re a matter of public record.

            For that matter, so are yours.

          • Oh, I didn’t post Anne Landman’s address, you did, and she did, in her eagerness to blame her neighbor. But I do suspect there might be folks out there who didn’t know. And of course, as you say, all a matter of public record. But you’ve got to be real careful about that. You could end up publishing the wrong address. But that’s not something I have to worry about, cause I got my information straight from the horse’s…. well let’s just say the south end of a north bound jackass.

            And the major problem that I can foresee, that you might have, is that you can’t fix stupid. But I’m sure that’s a problem you’re familiar with, Scotty boy.

          • Short term memory loss, Scotty? Here’s a hint. You were about to post Dennis’ name and address. Remember how easy it was? Just a matter of public record. And of course, we’re all waiting…breathlessly, for you to fold like a lawn chair.

          • You want me to post your address? Are you asking me to post your address?
            Have you forgotten it already? Is it Alzheimer’s, or syphilis that’s to blame?

          • Well, why don’t you Scotty, boy? Is there something holding you back? Like for instance, you can’t post what you don’t have? And that would include Dennis’ address, and your DD214. That just makes you a liar and a coward. No surprise there.

            Hear that noise folks, that’s the sound of a lying, cowardly lawn chair, folding on command. Right, Scotty?

          • I’ve already offered several times to verify my service with someone else, just not you. You, Dennis, have no right to challenge anyone on their service. By your own admission (or, rather, by your own cowardly refusal to openly state whether you did), you never served.

            You think I care if a coward calls me a liar? Do you think if posted your address, you could somehow get this blog shut down? Like you thought the FBI would come knocking on Anne’s door about your Nazi parties in the public restrooms?
            I don’t have to post your address here, Dennis. Your address isn’t the issue. No one cares about a rusted out old wagon and a crudely lettered sign.

            The people who care about your identity are the conservatives you’ve spied on. The ones would be interested to know that their pal Dennis was the one collecting information as he mingled, using it for his own agenda. That the same American Patriot who posted all that crap on various websites, websites that are still accessible, even though long defunct, that American Patriot was their pal Dennis.
            They might be surprised.

          • Put up or shut up. You made the claim, you made the threat. And then you weasel, and try to change the subject. That’s all that happened here today. And everybody but you knows it, but you.

          • I didn’t make any claim, I made a statement of fact, and my offer to verify it stands.
            Just not with you personally, Dennis. Your refusal, as a coward who can’t even put his own name on a statement of incorporation, much less an enlistment contract, has absolutely no standing to demand anything. Oath Keeper indeed.

          • What “threat”, Dennis?
            As for “put up or shut up” you’d have to put something up, now wouldn’t you? Otherwise, you’re just some idiot shrieking on the sidelines.
            Or, in your case, hiding behind the skirts of someone who put their name on a document that you didn’t see fit to.
            Why didn’t you, by the way?

          • You can’t even admit to your own name.
            The offer still stands. Just not for you. Because you’re a lying coward, and who makes deals with a lying coward? Besides GOP voters of course.
            The guy who can’t even admit to his own name wants someone else to post their name, DOB, and SSN (You know those are on there, right?) Just because he wants it.

    • Well, civility was your status quo’s promise. But confidentially just between you and I, no sane person really expected the Democrats to live up to it. But how civil do you need to be to appoint judges and justices? I think all you need is a President and the Senate. And then of course, there’s the veto. Or do you see that as being uncivil?

      And what was it Obama said; America’s character was on the ballot? Uh Huh. But, Obama still has his cell phone and his pen. But of course, that would just be a civil action. And no one’s expecting that?

          • People do feel fear, that’s a fact of life. I could point out that any veteran could explain that to you, but you wouldn’t have a common frame of reference.

            But I’ve never felt any fear as a result of a Mesa County Deplorable, or a Trumpkopf, or anyone who hides behind any number of anonymous signs, or screen names, or even someone they know.

          • No doubt you’re a brave lad, but what would you have to fear…in Colorado? Didn’t you just say you owned it? Or are you just in adverse possession?

            Why so angry? Celebrate life, and all victories large or small. And may God bless your little heart.

          • Yeah, yeah… blah blah blah…beat a hasty retreat, with the implied promise of “I will return”…who do you think you are, Patton?

          • Retreat? No. I’m just advancing in a new direction. Of course, you may just see it as a realignment. Or more likely, you’ll never see it at all.

    • Listen to what? The Blue Wave that just rolled across the state, into the Governor’s mansion, the State House, and the State Senate? Sounded pretty good to me.

      • Congratulations on your big win in Colorado. I’m afraid I slept through it. How did Ray Scott do? Do you happen to know? I guess you guys are just too smart for us.

        • Scott won, as he was expected to. Colorado as a whole went blue. I guess you could secede, if it makes you feel better.

          • You must be thinking about California. I’m just looking forward to all that civility. Is that scheduled to start soon? And I see on CNN that President Trump congratulated Nancy Pelosi, on her assumed speaker of the House victory. I think she’ll make a fine impression, don’t you? But it’s such a relief to know that you guys are now invested in the status quo. I sure hope it works for ya.

  1. Well, you might check with Gary Cox? Maybe he caught something on his security system. That could be interesting? I don’t have his address but I’m sure you could look it up since as you said, he lives just across the street from you.

  2. Normally I would suspect my neighbor across the street, Gary Cox, who regularly badmouths me on State Senator Ray Scott’s Facebook page (to which I can’t respond because Scott has blocked me), but I think he’s out of town right now in his big RV.

    • Seamus do you really find this funny? This is an overt threat. Whoever did this, and I hope Landman had her security cameras running, have literally committed a hate crime. This person may have thought it funny and that they got away with a “prank” but in light of what has happened in the past week, this stunt was in the poorest of tastes at best and a hate crime at worst. So call yourself or this act what you want, but understand, we are a small community and eventually the knowledge will reveal itself. The group that stood on the corner with misspelled signs would not have done this. They were non-threatening. This was a threat.

      • Yeah…wanna cool your jets a moment? I’m on your side. I was remarking on the “brave” Deplorables who don’t have the guts to pull this kind of stunt face to face or in the daylight.

  3. Whoever put it out, the stand itself requires some carpentry skills and tools. The wood looks to be pine, 1×2’s mostly. Sutherlands sells these sticks. They are kind of a junk lumber. The sign was not well planned. The letters are not centered and uneven in height. In this case the devil was not in detail. Was the sign attached to a frame? If by staples then know this is a common wood working tool. The reference to cancer suggests this person had a run in with cancer, either to self or a loved one. Medical care is costly and this maybe an angry and cowardly person that believes Dem policies have cost them. Do you any neighbors that may have any of these attributes or talents.?

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