Ad for major Grand Junction election denier event on Friday, 6/24 apparently lists wrong venue

Flier Tina Peters posted for a big election denier event in Grand Junction on Friday, June 24. The Courtyard by Marriott (misspelled in the flier) denies knowing about the event.

An ad Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters posted on her Secretary of State campaign Facebook page promotes a big election denier event to be held in Grand Junction on Friday, June 24 at the “Courtyard by Marriot,” but in addition to the hotel’s name being misspelled, that is apparently the wrong venue.

Someone who bought tickets to the event (at $35 apiece) said they were informed during the purchase that attendance would be capped at 300 people. But the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel on Horizon Drive, the location listed on the flier, can’t accommodate a 300-person event, and the hotel manager had not heard of the event. The only other hotel in the area that can accommodate 300 people is the Doubletree, but the Doubletree similarly had no listing for the event and didn’t know about it.

There’s no phone number or email address listed on the flier for questions, so no way to find out the actual venue.

So if you’ve bought tickets to the event — surprise, surprise — you may have been lied to.

  9 comments for “Ad for major Grand Junction election denier event on Friday, 6/24 apparently lists wrong venue

  1. Tina for SOS! Oh and by the way this was a bad day for the nasty KARENS like Ann Landman who know doubt enjoy killing babies (as does Polis).

  2. I wonder what tomorrow’s flyer will say? Who will be blamed? Will the GJPD or MCSO be responsible for greeting and managing Tina’s fans?

  3. If you have the stomach & time to invest in a 4 part documentary, watch the Netflix “Keep Sweet” which details the FLDS of UT/AZ and the eventual arrest & convictionS (plural) of Warren Jeffs- their ‘prophet’.

    The similarities between trump & Jeffs are extensive; one giant con (religious beliefs aside), all to establish their grip on power, destroying any who get in the way.

    For any who think that the J6 hearings will clear their minds- perhaps, for a minority of the ~35% who are ‘trumpers’. The rest, just like those who listen to Jeffs as he speaks FROM A TEXAS PRISON, they view the facts as lies and attacks from those who do not believe.

    This is what we’re up against.

  4. People are surprised that Tina is now running an outright fraud to raise $30,000.00? How desperate is she for bumping up her bank account to make sure she has commissary money when she gets to her retirement home, federal prison?

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