Tina Peters on Lindell TV: “They tried to frame me with ballot stuffing [in 2019],” “Why aren’t they arresting the REAL felons: Jena Griswold, the A.G., Rubinstein, Judge Barrett, the Commissioners?”

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters gave an unhinged interview September 1 on LindellTV.com in which she claimed she is still a candidate even though she lost her primary election for Secretary of State by a wide margin over two months ago, and lost a second time by the same margin in a recount that cost over a quarter of a million dollars raised through donations from people who continue to believe her wild and completely unproven claims of election fraud.

Peters claims she hasn’t broken any laws and says that letting someone into the secure area of the Elections Department to make copies of voting machine hard drives was not a security breach because “I can have anybody I want in there.”

Claims she was framed

She claims her election employees and others framed her in the spring, 2020 incident in which 574 uncollected ballots from the 2019 election were found left sitting, uncounted, in the ballot collection box in front of her office:

“In February…they had stuffed the ballot box and accused me — when we opened it from the primary election — of leaving ballots in there from the 2019 coordinated election, and when I went and looked to see how many people had access to my elections…I went ‘All these people had access?”

(If you watch the full interview, which is at the accessible at the first link in this piece, Tina’s part starts at minute 2:08 and ends at minute 15:40.)

About 7 minutes into the interview, Peters says,

“The Daily Sentinel has written over 456 articles about me — well, more than that now — most of them above the fold on the front page.”

Takes more digs at the SOS, D.A. Rubinstein, Judge Barrett and the Mesa County Commissioners, saying they’re “felons”

Peters also says she wants Secretary of State Jena Griswold, the state Attorney General, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, Mesa County Court Judge Matthew Barrett (the judge in her criminal case) and all three Mesa County Commissioners arrested for election tampering, saying earlier in the interview that they have committed felonies:

“Why aren’t we arresting the people that we have already proven to be subverting elections: the Secretary of State Jena Griswold, and the Attorney General for covering it up, and D.A. Rubinstein, and this judge here, Barrett, why aren’t we prosecuting them? And the Commissioners … they’re covering up that 29,000 vital election records were deleted.”

She is also still promoting her campaign account, TinaPetersForColorado.com, for donations.


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