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  1. We have bought 4 cars from them. I will now have to look at all the paperwork to see what all they packed on. On top of this our last vehicle we bought has been in more that 5 times over 5k spent and over a month in total of being car less on top of issue after issue after a massive repair because they didn’t do it right. Parts and pieces replaced multiple times but weirdly are still leaking or an issue according to other repair shops. In an instance they replaced the timing system in summary when they did that they were told to replace all clamps and other parts outside of the big repair (water pump and housing). That didn’t happen…
    A weak or two later one of the clamps broke and my husband had coolant all over while he was out in the desert. Pissed he called red rock let them know he was bringing it back in yet again and that they needed to call a towing company. He was told to “limp it back to the shop”..with no radiator fluid and miles out in the desert needless to say a towing company came and dropped my husband and the truck back off at Hyundai in which they then tried to get out of paying for the tow services. I hope the family owned towing company actually got paid. A couple weeks after that the water pump house exploded.. oh and the rear main seal and oil pan gasket has been replaced a good 3 times but is still leaking.. This is just some of the many many issues we have had with Red Rock Hyundai.

  2. Your article about Tina Peters not being a Gold Star mom was the most insensitive thing I ever read. Officially, legalistically, maybe not, but unofficially she is A Gold Star mom! Just ask anyone who has ver lost a kid in the service. Air shows are done for recruiting purposes, its part of their duty…not entertainment. Who cares what you call it?? It all feels the same horrible way no matter if its gold star, green star, blue star or falling star!! It sucks! And So does your legalism!

  3. My late husband & I heard that “jew you down.” Sometimes i’d 1-2 respond “I’ll tell my nonexistent relatives the Rothschilds you said hello.” Left it all on the field for today…..Surreal, i’ll consider it a win to keep Kemp & Raff. Mesmerized into trance by what i feel grateful for. Many if not most in Empty’s district are afraid of her, she phones detractors to bully & threaten them. For that alone may she hit the ditch. Nail biting. Thank you for listening, & for your consistent example of dignified strength.

  4. Hello!

    I stumbled across the resources/links page of your website and saw that you are linking to a couple sustainability sites. Thank you for advocating for the environment. I thought that you might be interested in providing a similiar one for your visitors:

    I believe that any way of encouraging a green lifestyle is a helpful step toward protecting the environment on a variety of fronts. I wanted to suggest that you include this Motley fool page on your site for that very reason.

    I found this to be a well-researched, practical guide to how individuals can both help the environment and themselves with ‘Going Green’ tips. I think that the financial motivation in this piece is a great way to introduce some to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Would love to hear if you’re interested in adding this for your users – please let me know! Thank you so much for your time.



  5. As somebody new to the political scene and also a veteran who went off the coast of Russia to keep our country safe by watching how politics worked on CNN and then slowly moving to Fox News because of watching our government get shut down by politicians on both sides and watching somebody come along that loves America I am very shocked and offended that you would even say such a thing we have very many problems going on in America but if you’re worried about the Russians you need to get a life especially if you’re from Grand Junction Colorado which I am back your president who’s working for free and doesn’t need this job we can handle the threat from the Russians as small as it is but we don’t need to destroy our country because of it I am ashamed that it came out of mesa County I really am I was so shocked and amazed i turned around just to look at it as a patriot I was blown away you’re obviously a democrat you lost the election please get over it

    • So, as a veteran and a patriot, you’re not shocked and offended by the President bowing before Russia and taking Putin’s word over our own Intelligence Community, even after it was proven that they meddled in our elections, but you are offended by a sign that points out he has significant ties to Russia?

    • Sorry that free speech bothers you if you don’t like it move to Russia it North Korea and let me know how that works for you…try to evolve and not be ignorant and deplorable

    • To the person calling themselves America,
      Sorry I know I am a little late getting back to you. But this must be said. As a vet, the daughter of a vet, the great-granddaughter of a vet, and yes, the great-great-granddaughter of a vet, please don’t tell people you are a vet. You are making us look bad and bringing discredit to the United States Armed Forces.
      From an actual service member who served in the cold war, please read a book on Russian history. Through history, individuals can build their knowledge. This allows them to understand what is happening in the world. In these history books, you will notice dots on the page. They are punctuation marks called periods. For the love of the English language, use them. Run-on sentences undermine what you are trying to communicate. Remember, education is valuable and can be obtained at any point in life.
      Oh, and you can be sure I am a Democrat.

    • Talk to Mad Dog PAC. They’d love to help you, and I’m sure you’d have an easy time finding a banner pilot and raising the funds to do it in Boston.

  6. How do I contribute to your cause? I don’t care if it’s tax deductible. I just want to get a donation to you in a way that does not make you any more open to thugs or trolls than you already are. “Home of the Brave” is where you rest your head at night. I salute you.

    • Hi Ron,
      You can contribute to the billboards electronically through PayPal. See the “Contact” information above. Email me directly if you’d rather send a check or use other means.

  7. Your hysterical allegations about Trump and Putin ignore all of the actions taken against Russia since Trump’s inauguration. Unlike Obama who did nothing of consequence while Putin invaded Crimea, cancelled the defensive missiles for Poland to Putin’s delight, and gave him a strong position in the Middle East after decades of the US keeping Russia out of the Middle East, Trump has taken numerous aggressive actions against Russia. You are divorced from reality.

    • No you are divorced from reality but with your mindset of denial with Trumperdoodle there is no getting through to people like you…Trumperdoodle…racist, sexist, pathological liar and narcissist…do you embrace all these if you do you are deplorable and ignorant…enough said

      • I love when you resort to one word limited vocabulary insults!! It gets em every time! Nasty Jargon always solves a multitude of problems. I will say, Trump was the best problem solver in history


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  10. Like Rob in his comment, I’m confused on how to sign up for your Blog, it’s unusual to find such major investigative journalism here in Dark Delta Cnty. Ok, I just figured it out, as I filled out my name & all, I saw the little box to check to receive email notifications of new blog posts. I see you are using the more subtle approach to expand your readership rather than a more noticeable clear “call to action” sign up on your site here. Not a problem, I was interested enough to “work” at figuring out how to get your stuff, so I guess you know anyone who figures out how to get your stuff is pretty interested in you, or something like that, of why you add such mystery to signing up. In any event, glad I discovered you, was via a FB post, which I shared to the Paonia Message Board for possible interest, discussing and cussing as PMB tends to do. 🙂

  11. Anne, I have several people who would manually go collect signatures without spending tax payer dollars. Any way you can help me with the proper forms.

    • Hi Carol! That’s a great offer, we’ll be able to use the help for sure. Under the City charter, Brainard has to be in office 90 days before we can actually have the recall, but I understand we may be able to start working on the recall project after 60 days. Will be in touch!

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