Makes Headway as KGVO Hijinks Backfire

Rush Limbaugh

The grassroots effort to push Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves in Missoula, Montana reports that as of this week 18 advertisers have  pulled their ads off Limbaugh’s local broadcast on KVGO Radio — six more than last week’s total. Dave Chrismon, organizer of, also discovered some advertisers held the mistaken belief that because they purchased packages of ads from KGVO, they had no control over where there ads are placed. This turned out to be untrue. An anonymous KGVO employee told Chrismon the radio station’s computer system can easily keep any business’s ads, or any nonprofit organization’s public service announcements, off Limbaugh’s show while still running them on other shows. Business owners just need to ask KGVO to keep their ads off Limbaugh’s show. On another front, KGVO went into full attack mode last week over what it calls the “Hush Rush” campaign. On Monday, April 30, the station featured a local business owner and Rush supporter on its “Talk Back” program who called RushOutOfMissoula participants “blackmailers” for voicing their opinion about where he should place his ads. The show stimulated a flood of “dittoheads” (Rush Limbaugh supporters) to call the show and verbally abuse business owners who asked that their ads be removed from Limbaugh’s program — but many of those businesses still advertise on KGVO. Peter Christian of KGVO radio walked a tightrope as he both praised callers “passion” and tried to tamp down their offensive tirade against the station’s advertisers. In desperation, Christian posted a note on KGVO’s website pleading with Limbaugh supporters to be respectful of businesses that have chosen to pull their ads from Limbaugh’s show.

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  1. Dave Chrismon & Nancy Cooper’s effort to get Rush off the air here in Missoula is a total failure and a pathetic exhibition of who the real ‘Bully’ is – all of you left-wing, so-call progressive throwbacks to tactics used by Adolph Hitler and the communists. We see through you efforts. Half of the idiots who signed the petition are neither from Missoula or Montana. More than a few of the ‘signers’ were critical of the effort to blackmail and boycott local advertizers. In my dialog with Mr. Chrismon he was not even aware that his effort was a call to boycott, nor did he understand the definition of one. Crawl back under your rock lefty!!!

  2. G’Day! Annelandmanblog,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, Majority of the writers are just wasting their effort and time creating hundreds of unique and informative articles that never attain a portion of their prospective traffic. It is only embarrassing.

  3. You left wing whiners are lost. Do you really think that 1700 of your people compare to Rush’s audience? You are deluding yourself. Get a real life!

  4. Anne, I have been watching Dave Chrismon’s drama unfold for a few weeks now. I don’t think he’s making any new friends. I have started contacting those businesses who he blackmailed, and explained to how they have been deceived. Few are aware that Moveon and Mediamatters are behind this game. Most intelligent people understand that a radio has a knob that allows you to change the station.

    • Hi Mitchell. It doesn’t appear that Dave Chrismon’s goal is to make friends. His website says his goal is to get Rush Limbaugh off the radio in Missoula.

      • Anne, I know. Its just that his ” I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh and you shouldn’t either!” message isn’t working. I doubt many of the people who signed the petition listen to Rush (or KGVO for that matter).

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