Need Some Entertainment?

A new Twitter hashtag has appeared: #RepublicanBooks. Suggested titles include, “Fifty Shades of Nay,” “The Agony Without the Ecstasy,” “Dog on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Animal Factory Farm,” “Crime and No Punishment,” and children’s books like “One Fish, Two Fish, Three for Me, None for You Fish.” Another new hashtag is trending, “DemocratBooks.” Some suggested titles there include, “Little Foreclosed Home on the Prarie,” “Community Organizing for Idiots,” “Sophie’s Mandate,” and “Who Moved my Government Cheese?”

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  1. Ann you probably saw that Jovan Melton won. It was close. About 50 votes. Thanks for your help. If he had taken PAC money he wouldn’t have won. No PAC money can be a path to success for candidates. That is what we are getting out at .


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