Grand Junction Right Wingnuts’ “Donald the Dragon Slayer” Billboard

Donald the Dragon Slayer billboard

Grand Junction right wingnuts’ “Donald the Dragon Slayer” billboard at the top of the 5th Street Hill. Notice the names of groups like “GLBT,” “Iran,” “FEMA” and “EPA” on the scales, and the gold dollar signs dripping off Donald’s right foot. Pure Grand Junction wacko propaganda at it’s most bigoted and embarrassing best.

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  1. Gees, whatever happened to celebrating diversity and inclusiveness? And just when I was starting to feel all warm and fuzzy. But oh well, I suppose a hug job is out of the question now. Must be an election year. And you can always tell by the tilt of the axis.

      • Oh my God, an atheist with a sense of humor! That’s pretty scary. Is there any way you could transfer some of that to some of our more liberal factions?

        And by the way, I checked out your billboard. Pretty snazzy. That must have cost a couple of bucks. Good location, but the message seems a bit cold.

        Just as an aside, you don’t suppose the “axial tilt” has anything to do with global warming? I guess we’ll both find out in the spring. But my advice is to wait until after May 8, to plant your tomatoes, and throw a few egg shells in before you set the tomato plants. Try it and it’s guaranteed to grow on ya.

        And then share a BLT with a Jihadi. Lest we forget, they have an agenda too.

  2. I stopped in Delta today to photograph their local hate display on Highway 50. It includes the billboard which started out in Grand Junction several years ago and attempts to denigrate Obama by comparing him to a Mexican, a homosexual, a Muslim and a rat. It’s designed by the same guy who made the dragon mural. On the nearby building individual letters about a foot tall spell, “Ban liberal turds, not guns.” And then there’s a big sign that says, “All hail malignant mulatto terrorist in chief.”

    Everyday there are stories in the news about racial attacks and violence at Trump’s rallies. Crap like these displays feed the hatred. Are we to just sit back and wonder what we can do?

  3. Thousands upon thousands of visitors see this and got to think, “What the hell?” This is a major embarrassment.

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