“Citrus Gypsies” are Back in G.J.!

The Citrus Gypsies' fruit booth at First Street and Patterson Road

The Citrus Gypsies’ fruit booth at First Street and Patterson Road

They’re BACK!  They’re the Citrus Gypsies, and they have the best citrus fruit around! (When I asked them if they had a name, Ana at the First and Patterson booth told me they don’t really have a name for their business, but that’s what they call themselves informally).

These wonderful itinerant young fruit people come from a ranch in Montana and travel the southwest buying great citrus fruit at the height of the harvest and driving it to other places in the west that don’t have great fruit (at least right now). They have by far the best citrus you can get. It’s fresh-picked and doesn’t have any waxy coatings, stickers or other junk on it. They picked this last batch of navel oranges themselves from an orchard in California’s central valley, near Fresno, so they put a great deal of effort into it. Before coming back here, they took a haul to Salt Lake City and got sold out very quickly after someone posted about them on social media.

Because this batch is the last picking of the season, these latest oranges have been left on the tree the longest and are super-sweet.

The Citrus Gypsies have two stands: one in the Rite Aid parking lot at First Street and Grand Ave., and another on the dirt lot on the northeast corner of Patterson and First Street. They have a spinner on the corner much of the time with a sign that says “Amazing Oranges.”

Ana told me they’ll be here for five days, and asked me to put info about their stand out on social media. So here ya go! Stop by and get yours! They also have lemons, grapefruits, pomelos, olives and I think some tangerines and honey, but personally, I just can’t get past the fantastic oranges.

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