An Answer to City Market’s Huge Amount of Food Waste

San Francisco has successfully addressed the problem of excessive food waste from restaurants and grocery stores — of the same type  that we are still seeing here in Grand Junction, specifically with City Market’s tremendous waste of food daily from its hot delis.

A nonprofit organization called Food Runners collects extra hot food from markets and restaurants left over at closing time, and brings it to local foster homes, food pantries and homeless shelters where it feeds hungry people and is greatly appreciated. It’s simple, and there is no liability for the providers of the food.

Why can’t this happen here?

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  1. Does anyone in GJ want to start a Food Runners? I would help or donate. This is such a wonderful idea and I know there are many who could use this. I would love to see outreach to disabled under the age of 65, they cannot get Grey Gourmet and often can’t afford good meals.

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