G.J. Chamber Snubs Sen. Ray Scott at Legislative Wrap Up

Ray Scott

Colorado State Senator Ray Scott did not attend the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce’s legislative wrap-up breakfast session on May 23, so instead he gave the Chamber a statement to read at the event.

But the Chamber refused to read it.

In a tweet, it was Scott himself spilled the beans that the Chamber had refused to read his statement. In response, Scott tweeted that the “GJ Chamber blew it.”

No reason was given as to why the Chamber snubbed Scott. We can guess that it might be because he is remarkably ignorant on many issues, pompous, confrontational, blustery, rude, fears criticism and has achieved precious little to benefit our area during his time in office. But for whatever reason, the chamber did officially snub him, and we’re glad to see them finally do something right for a change.


  2 comments for “G.J. Chamber Snubs Sen. Ray Scott at Legislative Wrap Up

  1. I was there and was surprised that his appearance with this group could be considered optional. I am sure other legislators have missed the wrap up, but Mr. Scott is not well liked, but will support him if the Chamber supports him. I was surprised at the depth of questions for Willett and Thurlow. I was not impressed with either except when it came to TABOR and Gallagher act and the alterations Thurlow has examined and determined as necessary to correct some of the unintended consequences. Thurlow should be supported in his efforts. Schools, especially, would be better served. Neither has a handle on illnesscare in this state.

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