It doesn’t take, “like, a genius” to understand there is nothing adorable about being a “Deplorable”


Many ardent Trump supporters happily call themselves “deplorable,” making fun of a point Hillary Clinton tried to make during her 2016 campaign that many Trump supporters are racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic.

Members of Trump’s “Deplorable” contingents across the country, including those locally, typically deny they are any of these things, yet the Facebook pages of “Deplorables” groups (Trump supporters across the country who have personally labeled themselves “Deplorables”) do in fact reveal a strong component of sexist, racist, xenophobic and homophobic thought runs within these groups.

One thing is clear: the concept of being a “deplorable” — at least as Deplorables depict their own ideology on Facebook pages across the country — is just plain creepy. It reveals broad-brush disrespect of people from other countries, open objectification of women and a far greater emphasis on the way women look rather than on their intellect, abilities or contributions. “Deplorable” ideology reflects feelings of superiority and an abject fear of people who are different physically, racially, sexually and ethnically from people within their own social circles.

Here are our local elected officials who identify themselves as “Deplorables”

Western slope elected officials who openly belong to the Mesa County Deplorables’ Facebook page include Colorado State Senator Ray Scott, who represents Mesa County in the state legislature, sitting Mesa County Commissioner John Justman and sitting Grand Junction City Councilman Duncan McArthur. Following are some memes that depict “Deplorable'” ideology taken from the pages of overt Trump-supporting “Deplorable” groups around the country. I’ll leave it to readers to decide the natures of people who ascribe to these lines of thought. As you look at these depictions, remember your western slope elected officials who seem to gleefully support this ideology by openly declaring themselves “Deplorables.”:



Mesa County Deplorables/G.J City Councilman Duncan McArthur #1 of 2:


Mesa County Deplorables/City Councilman Duncan McArthur #2 of 2:











  8 comments for “It doesn’t take, “like, a genius” to understand there is nothing adorable about being a “Deplorable”

  1. That’s a real coin flip AP. But your premise is not the same as mine. I do not see this through a primary political lens. As a female, a professional (RN) female, a professional (RN) female that worked in contact with males in all forms of environments, I see this through a primary female first lens. If the word deplorable is a self-definition and acceptable term, which these guys are embracing with puffed chests, then they have their preferred label. That is not unAmerican, nor American deplorable, that’s the freedom of choice….which is more then some of these guys ever gave a women. EVE WAS FRAMED!!!!

    • No Benita, Eve was believed in her groping accusation, right up to the time Adam got a court appointed attorney and confessed to trying to pick her pocket. Can you just imagine how ego deflating that revelation must have been? 😉

  2. What? no comments?
    Well the three “elected” gents that wanted to be associated with the people that are identifying as a “deplorable” is particularly disturbing, but not unforeseen. I am sorry that John and Duncan thinks so poorly of themselves. This is not a trendy and gratifying association. On the other side of the coin, any woman that associates with a man that is proud of being a “deplorable” needs a intravenous dose of self esteem.
    Be as proud as you wish associating yourselves with the “deplorables.” What goes around comes around. Time is against male superior attitudes. Even the Saudis are realizing that sequestering their women is not good for them, their marriages or their families.
    Its time the “deplorable” men actually do a little introspection to determine why women are so threatening they have to be reduced to body parts to cope.

  3. It’s been said that nobody believes an accusation, but everybody believes a confession. When you demonize those with whom you disagree, they tend to live up to your expectations. There’s an old saying among the deplorables; if you want to know what the liberals are, just look at what they’re accusing you of being? I guess we have a choice. We can all be Americans or we can all be deplorable. And it’s your move.

    • Do you use the word “demonize” as some part of a persecution syndrome ? Are all accusations unfounded , in your opinion or do the actions of the “proud deplorables” dictate what others perceive? You do appear to be on to something as you describe an accuser of being the actual perpetrator of said infractions. Look no further than the most dishonest man to ever sit in the White House , the king of deplorables , who displays nearly the exact behaviour you describe. It seems that the only defense you have of Trump disciples is the old “I know you are but what am I ? ” made widely popular by Pee Wee Herman. It’s no more than a childish stance taken by those who are afraid to admit their actual “deplorable” actions.

      • Oh I get it, elections, like seasons, have consequences. Patience. Spring will come and the snowflakes will melt. Bottom line; you don’t have to stand tall, but you do have to stand.

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