Sen. Ray Scott absent for full Senate vote on oil and gas bill, SB 19-181

Ray Scott’s tweeted this photo of his front door in Denver at 8:34, instead of making sure he was at the Capitol to vote with the full Senate on SB19-181, a bill he’s been telling everyone will kill oil and gas development in the state.

Mesa County’s State Senator Ray Scott didn’t even bother to show up for the full Senate vote today on SB19-181, the oil and gas overhaul bill that will change the mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission from fostering oil and gas development to instead making public health, safety and the environment top priority in consideration of oil and gas drilling permits.

The bill passed on a party line vote of 19-15, and now heads to the full House for a vote.

But instead of heading to the Capitol for the vote as taxpayers pay him to do, Scott stayed home and tweeted a picture of all the snow by his front door in Denver.

Colorado taxpayers pay Scott $30,000/year to represent them, plus an additional $45/day while he stays in the Denver, but he didn’t give them any representation today on SB-181.

Instead, he slept in Wednesday instead of heading to work. So much the better for Democrats, as well as public health and the environment.


  4 comments for “Sen. Ray Scott absent for full Senate vote on oil and gas bill, SB 19-181

  1. Ray Scott could not get to work?!? Nurses and Doctors went to work. EMT and Firemen went to work. The “majority” of Legislators made it to work. But Ray could not get to work?
    “Fool me once … shame on you…..Fool me twice…shame on me” Mesa County Republicans ACTUALLY voted in the Ray Scott “spottie*” over a true and honorable representative named Dan Thurlow and the absent Mesa County Dems ran no one!!!

    * Spottie was a moving spot put up on the outdoor theater screens to entertain kids while the movie reels were being switched out. It was never where it should have been.

  2. The Govenor declared a State of Emergency, when did he let the Senate know that they would be in session that morning to vote! I call foul on the Govenor for not postponing the vote so that his full Senate could safely get back to chambers to vote!!!

    • So, it’s the Governor’s fault that Ray Scott wouldn’t do his job?
      I thought Republicans were all about personal responsibility?

  3. Unless he had a family emergency, he should have been there! He also knows that he is fighting an uphill battle with the Democrats who think they own the State of Colorado! I am a Colorado native and am VERY ashamed of that fact due to the current Legislatures actions! They make me sick!

    Note: Offensive language has been removed from this comment.

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