Swastika scrawled on Riverfront Trail in Grand Junction

Swastika graffiti painted on the Riverfront Trail in Grand Junction.

Graffiti of a swastika was found yesterday, October 10, on the section of the Riverfront Trail just west of High Country Court in Grand Junction. The symbol is an emblem of far-right nationalist movements and is used by Nazis and neo-Nazis. It is widely considered a symbol of hate. The image was about 2 ft. by 2 ft. in yellow spray paint and was found on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement that follows shortly after the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashana. The graffiti was reported to the City, who passed information about it to the Parks Department, which is in charge of maintaining the Riverfront Trail.

For more documentation of the hate culturein Grand Junction, search on the term “hate” in the search box located to the upper right side of this post.

  6 comments for “Swastika scrawled on Riverfront Trail in Grand Junction

  1. Anne Landman,
    Way to turn your response into liberal Trump hating gibberish. Bashing someone’s opinion to push what you determine as truth is the real problem in this country. You have obviously eaten up everything that the liberal media and leadership want you to believe. Maybe try responding with “I believe” or “In my opinion” instead of trying to make people believe you have factual evidence to support your claim.

  2. Please don’t give this attention. You do realize this was a kid who is now seeing his/her work on the news. FYI this is not a hate symbol. It has been used through out history and only the nazi party used it and did bad things. Understand history before writing such articles.

    • Sorry, Ricardo, but there has been a 30% increase in hate groups in the U.S. over just the last year alone. Synagogues have been getting shot up and Jews killed in gun massacres. We ignore signs of such hatred at our peril. Our president is a polarizing radicalizing figure and domestic terror and white nationalist/supremacist extremism has increased vastly under Trump. We all need to be on the lookout for signs of hate groups and domestic terror in our own town.

    • Yes, the symbol has been used throughout history. It is of note this was painted for the Jewish holiday. There would be more intelligent ways to display it than this. And it is trump land. All said, some attention seeking ignorant dick did this.

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