Rep. Tipton votes to cut Medicaid, CHIP

House Rep. Scott Tipton has voted against financial transparency in government, against protecting citizens’ access to health insurance, against working families and to protect wealthy Americans and keep their taxes low. He’s up for re-election this year.

On February 6, 2020 House Rep. Scott Tipton voted in favor of cutting funding for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), federal programs that cover poor children, pregnant women, the elderly and disabled people with health insurance who could not otherwise afford it.

Tipton voted “no” on House Resolution 826 (HR-826), a measure brought by Democrats that condemned Trump’s cuts to the federal safety net programs that protect Americans who have fallen on hard times.

Taking away health insurance

More than one million children have lost Medicaid and CHIP health insurance coverage under President Trump, and over 750,000 adults have lost Medicaid coverage. Trump’s latest budget calls for even more cuts to Medicaid and the and Affordable Care Act, and it includes deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare, while extending tax cuts for wealthy people, despite his promise he would not touch Social Security or Medicare.


Committing fraud in plain sight

Trump inserted the safety net cuts into his 2021 proposed budget and then flat-out lied to the nation about it, tweeting on Feb. 8:

Since he has been president, Trump has lied to the public 16,241 times.

In 2019 alone, Trump has lied more than 22 times every day.

You can see Tipton’s vote to oppose HR 826 in the roll call here.

  4 comments for “Rep. Tipton votes to cut Medicaid, CHIP

  1. Typical Christian way –

    “The Earth has no value; the inhabitants are all lifeless sinners, objects really.”

  2. Any cuts to Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding would be devastating to some of the most vulnerable children. CHIP has always enjoyed bipartisan support and it’s beyond belief that anyone would vote against this block grant.

  3. So the Donald is lying again and Scott Tipton is not working for his constituents. It must be a day that ends in Y.

  4. With access to healthcare mr. tipton and his banana republican colleagues live by that good ol’ GOP credo of “I’ve got mine so #### you!

    Educable? Nah. But they can be bought.

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