G.J. City Councilor Pe’a stuns with statement that he thought to bring a loaded Glock to a public meeting

In this video clip taken at a recent City Council meeting, Grand Junction City Councilor Phil Pe’a complains that he wasn’t given enough notice that there might be protesters at a public meeting. He said he was alarmed when he got to City Hall and saw a police presence along with protesters. When City Councilor Anna Stout told Mr. Pe’a that City Manager Greg Caton had emailed all Council members to let them know protesters were expected at that evening’s meeting, Mr. Pe’a said “I have a full time job. I don’t have time to visit my email constantly.” He said he would have preferred a phone call, and continued, saying

“I didn’t know whether I had to bring my Glock into the meeting or not. That’s how serious it was, Anna.” 

The idea that a city councilor would consider bringing a loaded handgun into a public hearing stunned many City residents.

  5 comments for “G.J. City Councilor Pe’a stuns with statement that he thought to bring a loaded Glock to a public meeting

  1. Let’s ask Mesa County Commissioners (and Mesa Treasurer) if Tina allocated PR funds in her 2020 budget? Additional spending needs permission from them.

  2. Don’t throw Rick Taggart under the same bus as someone who doesn’t care about racism in the valley. He does, as his work with me and BLM and other groups can attest….

  3. Those who are stunned must be residents with less than a day’s tenure.

    P’ea has time to fantasize about his Glock fetish but not read his email.

  4. This whole thing just shows that Anna Stout is the only one who really wants to address racism. The others were more worried that, oh my god the people it affects show up without their notice. Wortmann was more bothered he didn’t get to read his statement. That’s ridiculous. Listening to the people should be number one. They fake care just like the rest of America.

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