NEJM video shows how wearing a face mask reduces the spread of Corona virus

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published a video showing how face masks reduce the spread of airborne droplets  emitted when people speak and shout, giving a graphic representation of how mask-wearing works to reduce the spread of Corona virus, the novel deadly virus that currently no prevention, no treatment and no cure.

In the video, “Visualizing Speech Generated Oral Fluid Droplets with Laser Light Scattering,” a person in a darkened room says the phrase “Stay healthy” repeatedly in varying volumes while neon lasers light up the droplets coming from his mouth.

After watching this video, imagine standing without a face mask and speaking while you look over the produce in the grocery store, or order food from a menu, for example. This video shows how droplets fly from people’s mouths when they speak, and shows how people spread the virus to others.

Many shoppers are defying store requirements that people wear facial coverings when shopping to protect against the transmission of deadly Corona virus.

Americans are being asked to wear face masks while doing business around other people, for example when shopping, using a gym, getting a haircut, etc., to help prevent spread of the virus. A spike in Covid-19 cases will cause further “lockdowns,” as is currently happening in Oregon, which had a significant spike in Covid-19 cases after re-opening. Oregon’s governor recently put a hold on further re-opening activity until the spike in illness in that state can be brought under control.

One study found that if 80-90% of Americans wore masks as recommended, infections would plummet. Countries where people are conscientious about mask-wearing are doing far better than the U.S. at controlling the pandemic and returning to normal.

Without strong compliance with mask-wearing among the public, America may never be able to return to normal.

Don’t hold our country back from recovering from the pandemic. Don’t contribute to further lockdowns.

Please wear a mask when out doing business around other people to help get our lives back to normal as soon as possible.

  2 comments for “NEJM video shows how wearing a face mask reduces the spread of Corona virus

  1. This nation is in its most reactive cultural change it has ever experienced. Only a very few are cognizant of what now will be required to live with this virus. Those that are too late to the table of acceptance will be most susceptible to the disease’s ravages and they will infect others they love for their ignorance. Death by Covid is avoidable if only we cared enough to live. But the human race has been and is too busy rushing into global suicide with our inability to curb our desire to destroy our environment. So now our survival will depend on the mercy of that environment. Something tells me that Covid-19 is just prefatory opening salvo by Nature.

  2. It is unfortunate that the current president’s followers irrationally oppose recommended protective practices. This endangers themselves (sounds like Jonestown). Rejecting safer social practices endangers all of us. Is it a coincidence that non-mask wearers have higher measures on sociopathy scales? The president is the most severely sociopathic US president in history, and his followers model his behavior.

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