“No drama” Tina Peters is looking for love, but if you want to dater her, it’ll cost you

Embattled Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has plenty of reasons to look for love.

Her inept operation of the county clerks’ office combined with her aggressive manner and staunch refusal to resign her office has enraged local voters to the extent that they are circulating a petition to recall her from office.

She likely doesn’t feel very well-loved Mesa County right now.

So Tina turned to Match.com to find someone — anyone — who might appreciate her.

On her profile, Peters describes herself and “not petty” and “no drama.”

And if you want to date her, it’s going to cost you.

Peters warns interested suitors that…

Sorry guys, I do not “go dutch” on dates even though I can afford to do so. I’m old fashioned that way I guess. If you can’t afford to be with me, then I’m not for you.

Peters’ annual taxpayer-funded salary in 2019 was $92,681.04 (pdf, at page 19 of 27), not including a fringe benefit package that adds 22% to her gross salary.

That’s more three times the 2018 average per capita income in Mesa County of $28,679 per year.

Any takers, guys? 💋



  3 comments for ““No drama” Tina Peters is looking for love, but if you want to dater her, it’ll cost you

  1. Tina Peters tried to have me removed by from public property outside the DMV on Spruce St. She SAYS County Attorney John Rhodes interprets Colorado Statute 1-13-714 as preventing me from collecting RecallClerkTina signatures because, while I aim more than the legal limit away from a collection box and the doors to the election office, I have to be more than 100 feet from the entire
    building which includes the DMV. City police handed me a copy of the CO statute but said they would not ask me to move. Tina refuses to supply legal justification of her interpretation of the statute. She has nothing from a county attorney or ANY attorney to show an opinion counter to that from the Secretary of State’s office. Who is Tina trying to con?

    • The Recall Polis people gathered signatures in front of the DMV. The only issue there was that they taped their signs to the building. Otherwise, Tina allowed it.

  2. Is it a crime in the State of Colorado for a public official to overspend their budget? Peters overspent her budget twice, but got supplemental appropriations from the County Commissioners to cover those two — but did she get a supplemental appropriation for the last eight thousand she spent that was over her budget?

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