Secretary of State pursuing ethics complaint against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

Trump supporter, election conspiracy theorist and Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is under criminal investigation by three agencies for allegedly compromising voting equipment.

At least one ethics complaint submitted to the State of Colorado about Mesa County’s crazy Clerk Tina Peters is starting to bear fruit.

Luis Lipchak, the Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance Enforcement Manager, determined that a complaint by Mesa County resident Scott Bielfuss (pdf) alleging that Peters violated campaign finance laws has merit and their office has decided to pursue it.

Bielfuss alleged that Peters “flew up to Mr Pillows cybers-symposium on a private plane provided to her and is staying as a guest of the Pillow foundation in clear violation of accepting gift laws. Complainant [Bielfuss] alleges that by engaging in the aforementioned activities, Respondent [Peters] failed to report contributions or expenditures associated with said activities and accepted gifts over allowed amounts.”

Amendment 41 of the Colorado Constitution, titled “Ethics in Government,” prohibits elected officials from receiving certain gifts and other items of value.  Colorado law requires every elected public official who receives gifts, honoraria, or other benefits to file disclosure reports with the “appropriate officer.” Any elected official who willfully fails to file a required report and provide the required statement of value, can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and, if convicted, fined anywhere from $50-$1,000.

Lipchak gave Peters ten business days from August 30 to file a “notice of intent to cure” the violation(s) with the Secretary of State’s office.

To cure the violations, Peters must show that she has complied with the law.

Any Colorado resident can file an Independent Ethics Commission Complaint online at this link.


  2 comments for “Secretary of State pursuing ethics complaint against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

  1. Are Tina’s teeth that white in person?

    Does Tina know that “jesus” doesn’t give a crap about that? Or pearls.

    Enjoy the pillows while you can, tina – all the ones in hell have all burned up.

  2. Thank you Mr Bielfuss! The lawlessness of this County employee and the commissioners who support her is criminal. She is a blonde Boebert out for drama! Absolutely no integrity.
    She needs jail time and ethical violations started when she left ballots uncounted.

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