How to register as an Unaffiliated voter so you can vote against awful Republican candidates in the June primary

Lauren Boebert is the extremist candidate running for re-election as House Rep. from CD-3. If you’ve had enough of her, follow the instructions below to vote against her in the primary election on June 28th. Her opponent is former CO State Senator Don Coram, who, while still a Republican, is a far better choice.

While many had hoped redistricting would make Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District more competitive, it ended up doing the opposite. It increased Republicans’ advantage by an additional nine points.

This result is not lost on beleaguered CD-3 voters who, over the last two years, have been deeply embarrassed by extremist Republican elected officials like rabidly-right wing House Rep. Lauren Boebert and election-denier-to-the-point-of-insanity Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, both of whom, in addition to behaving terribly and in some cases denying voters their honest services, have also been exploiting their offices to rake in millions of dollars from like-minded, loony far-right wingers across the country who think they’re terrific.

To combat western Colorado trend of electing obviously unqualified, crass, shallow-thinking, extremist, far right Q-Anon conspiracists who exploit their positions to cash in personally, many CD-3 electors have re-registered as unaffiliated voters so they can vote the Republican ballot in the June primary and have at least some say who will run for office in the November general election. In effect, they are becoming Republicans for the primary election so they can vote for the least obnoxious, offensive Republicans, to try and push the worst of them off the ballot completely before the fall general election.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ mugshot for her arrest on 3/9/2022. She is currently charged with 7 felonies and 3 misdemeanors related to election tampering. Despite her indictment, Peters is running for CO Secretary of State.

How to register unaffiliated and vote a Republican ballot in the primary:

If you want to help bring more sanity to western Colorado’s representation, you can do it quickly and easily by going online and changing your party affiliation. This will let you vote against Lauren Boebert, Tina Peters, Julie Fisher (the new Tina Peters who is trying to get elected as Mesa County Clerk) and other awful Republican candidates in the June 28th primary election.

Here’s how to do it, step by step:

— Go to

— Under “View or update my voter record,” click “Change party affiliation or choose my primary ballot.”

— Enter your name, zip code, date of birth and click the “Not a Robot” Captcha. Then click “Search,” then “Edit” and enter either the last 4 numbers of your Social Security number or your Colorado Driver’s License number. Then complete the Captcha and click “Submit.”

— You’ll get a drop-down box for party affiliation. Select “Unaffiliated.”

Julie Fisher, Tina Peters’ fake “Second Chief Deputy Clerk,” is running for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder in the June Republican primary as essentially the next Tina. A Court has ruled her too inexperienced to run elections.

— Under that you’ll see the words “Primary Election.” It will say, “You didn’t select a party, but you can still vote in primary elections. If you want to choose now which party’s ballot you will get in the next primary election, select one below.” Select the Republican ballot.

— Check over all the info for correctness, such as residential and mailing address, click “Next,” then “Review,” and “Next.”

— Check the two boxes to affirm you’re a U.S. citizen, are of minimum voting age, are not in a correctional facility, etc. and to authorize the use of your signature for voting purposes, then click “Submit.”

To get your ballot by mail, you must update your voter registration by June 6. The primary election is on June 28th.

  19 comments for “How to register as an Unaffiliated voter so you can vote against awful Republican candidates in the June primary

  1. Imagine if voting in the future looked like the following:

    “lighting a MyPillow on fire, and tossing it against a wall containing pictures of the candidates. if it hits the gop candidate, they lose; if it hits the democratic candidate, they win.”

  2. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – George Orwell, 1984

    • Like, “Fake News!”, or,
      “Ignore all the evidence…The 2020 Election was stolen”, like a certain party likes to say?

      • They’ll be lining up in droves to vote for Sarah Palin for Congress, ignoring the fact she resigned from elected office for “fake reasons”. However, she will lose, she simply won’t win. She will sin, but she wont win.

    • Oh, don’t be frightened;

      A little more than 58,000 voted for Boebert in the GOP Primary. Only 204,224 voted for someone other than Boebert in the 2020 CD-3 Congressional election.

      Do you really think that enough of those people would switch to unaffiliated before June 6th deadline, by finding and modifying their Voter Registration at the (an easy process that takes just a minute) –

      – just long enough to join up with some of the the 48,000 Republicans who didn’t support Boebert in the first place?

      Remember, that’s

  3. whats always with the election manipulation ? you don’t believe in the democratic principles of our representative republic ? why is amoral cheating always the first and last and only mechanism from the left ?

    oh well p = m * v

    • It’s not cheating. It’s legal. You could look it up, if they let you out into the dayroom for more “computer time”.

      • Owning slaves was legal during a prior period when the Democrats were ~nearly this out of control. But keep missing the point seamy ol chap, God gave us geeks just to catch flak.

        We keep trying & trying to bring our lefty loonivere ‘bretheren’ back from the edge, but stubborn truculent children that they are , seemys like a few will have to fall off the cliff before they realize the gravity of their situation LOL

        • Yes, it’s true; Democrats were on the wrong side of the Civil War, until Nixon’s Southern Strategy, when they swapped parties, and since then, The GOP has been flying the confederate flags and fighting civil rights. You missed that history lesson, did you? Not surprised.

          Also, you’re equating people voting in primaries to…slavery? I suppose that makes sense, seeing as how no one plays the victim like an (Oath Keeper) Patriot Warrior.

          Boebert won her primary against Tipton by a margin of only 9,873 votes. There are more than 44,000 unaffiliated voters in Mesa County alone.

          Geez, no wonder you guys are so scared. 🙂

          • Swapped parties? The Democrats are still the party of slavery. They’re just a bit more subtle about it these days.

          • That’s cute – Which side still waves the Confederate (loser) flag? Ya know, the ones Trump called “very fine people”?

  4. Folks, that works both ways. Republicans, follow those same steps and screw with Dem primaries. Have some fun with it

    • Doesn’t really work in CD-3; this district is full of red-state nitwits, and they believe voting for any Democrat makes Baby Jesus cry.

  5. Did it. May be futile, since CD 3 is full of slack-jawed, glassy-eyed morons who think flashing your junk at underage girls is a quality to look for in a future husband, but it’s worth a shot.

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