Boebert: Banning assault weapons will make people eat dogs

Lauren Boebert, Republican House Representative for western Colorado, appeared on “The Gorka Reality Check” on Newsmax yesterday evening and said that if an assault weapons ban is enacted in the U.S., people will start eating their dogs, because that’s what happened in Venezuela.

Boebert is currently running for a second term in the House. She dropped out of high school in 2004 to have a baby and got her G.E.D. in 2020, one month before the primary election. She’s running against Democrat Adam Frisch in the November, 2022 general election.

The show is broadcast on Newsmax on Sunday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

  9 comments for “Boebert: Banning assault weapons will make people eat dogs

  1. It is really sad that Ann Landman has to subject herself to watching Newsmax to find these snippets of wisdom.

  2. The only thing more pigheaded, purblind, and belligerently ignorant than Lauren Boebert is…any one of her supporters.

    She knows her people.

  3. In the primary race to get elected as dumber than her houseplants at the office, Lauren has jumped to a huge lead.

  4. In fact, Venezuela has one of the highest rates of gun possession in Latin America, but why would Booby have to know that ? Her stream-of -conciousness idiocy doesn’t stop and few people are calling her on it. Thanks for running these out-takes.

  5. If we don’t have a dog, can we get a rescue dog to eat when assault weapons are banned?

    This deserves the “Louie Gommert” prize for idiotic musings.

    • Fido:

      Since the Rifle/Silt gun nut representative accepts the Qinformation that Democrats favor postpartum abortion, perhaps she can serve up human babies instead of dogs if her Ptomaine Cafe re-opens in Rifle.

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    Times were good and times were very bad at times. Food could be plentiful or not and Lewis’s account states that the 36 or so men would at times eat 14 lbs of meat a day. They had the choice of many different kinds of meat to eat depending on what the full-time hunters came across. You name it they ate it.

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