Boebert draws ridicule of western Colorado on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert’s joke portraying her district as a redneck hillbilly paradise drew embarrassment to western Colorado nationally on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in Colbert’s monologue on February 2, 2023. The Late Show is broadcast nationally.

  8 comments for “Boebert draws ridicule of western Colorado on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

  1. I moved to central Colorado 3 years ago, right before she was elected and I may move. I live in the district she misrepresents and I know she is popular here. IMO she was reelected because many here cannot bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, under any circumstances.

  2. Our US rep is a gun nut. It is proven that caliber and magazine capacity are inversely proportional to the gun owner’s phallus size. So what’s with the GOP Ammo Sexual Caucus wearing tiny AR lapel pins?

    • She speaks for herself and others that voted for her cute buttocks and from their willy dilly’s.
      She embarrassed as well as didn’t cover her district, as usual. The lie is that it doesn’t represent us! She is so dumb founded! She gave a bad example of this region, she needs to go next time around!

    • The lie is that not everyone on the Western Slope is a redneck who thinks at the level of slogans on beer coozies.

      But to be fair, a lot are, and they voted for her.

  3. She’s already a huge embarrassment. We don’t need to be embarrassed further. At the same time she’s a perfect example of stupidity and ignorance.

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