More claimed forgeries on Red Rock dealership documents

After examining paperwork from their transactions at Red Rock dealerships, more people report they’ve found forged signatures on their contracts and other documents from their deals:

Example #1:

Person’s real signature from her tax return:

Red Rock GMC customer’s real signature as it appears on her tax return

The signature on her Red Rock GMC contract (January, 2023):

This customer says she never signs her full first name, just the initial of her first name. She says she was asked to sign on an IPad and was never shown her documents while at the dealership.

Example #2:

Received via Facebook Messenger from a person who bought her car at Red Rock Hyundai: The forged signature is the one at the top of the screen shot, her real signature is the lower one:

Example #3:

Person’s real signature, from a rental application. She says she only signs an initial for her last name

Signature on the same person’s contract for her vehicle.

Signature on the same person’s credit application from Red Rock GMC:

The signature on the same person’s credit application generated in her deal at Red Rock GMC

If you did a deal at a Red Rock dealership any time from 2016 until now, were asked to sign on an IPad, and/or were never shown your entire contract while at the dealership before they added your signature to it, and if they gave you your documents on a thumb drive like the one pictured below (so you could not see your documents while you were at the dealership), there is a chance you may find additional charges added to your contract that you were unaware of, and you may possibly find forged signatures on your documents as well. For some people, the extra charges they found added to their contracts without their knowledge have totaled in the thousands of dollars:

A sample of Red Rock’s proprietary thumb drive that they use to hand people their documents

If you find signatures on your documents on the lines marked “Buyer” and “Purchaser” that don’t look like your own signatures, or if you find you were charged for extra items you didn’t know were added to your contract, like extended warranties (look for words like “Portfolio,” “AUD” or “Endurance VSC” — these are extended warranties), Resistall coatings, “Drive-Pur” detail package, “Worry Free” maintenance agreements, “Worry Free gas,” etc.), immediately file a complaint with the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Auto Industry Division using their online complaint form, upload copies of your deal documents along with the complaint and contact Red Rock dealership owner Bryan Knight at or on his cell at (801) 792.3711 (voice or text) to discuss with him how to rectify it.

Forging someone’s signature on a legal or financial form, like a contract or credit application, is a Class 5 felony in Colorado.

  7 comments for “More claimed forgeries on Red Rock dealership documents

  1. It’s almost as if you and your readers have no familiarity with electronic signatures which bear no resemblance to a person’s “wet signature”.
    Millions of these transactions are engaged in every day in this country.

    • Legitimate electronic signatures don’t show up on documents that the person has never seen. Not to mention that e-sigs are generally the same format as their normal sig, even if they look different. Someone signing electronically doesn’t add their whole name when they usually just use the first initial.

      • Not sure what your comment means, but what I am pointing out is that at the beginning of the signing process, the customer chooses a signature they like, as well as an initial type.

        Then, he/she pushes a button to sign the documents that appear on the IPad. The signature necessarily doesn’t replicate the signer’s actual signature but since the signer agreed to this system it can’t be called a forgery.

        Since this system can be
        manipulated, it might be wiser to demand a hard copy of the documents to sign.

        But, by now almost everyone should be familiar with this process since it’s been in place for many years.

        Caveat Emptor!

        • My point was that the people claiming fraud did not choose these signatures, nor did they see or agree to the documents the signatures are on. Generally, you sign on a electronic pad, so that signature will look like your normal signature. These signatures don’t. Someone else has signed these people’s names without their consent, and that is fraud.

          • I am wondering how you know these people didn’t choose these signatures. If they signed on an IPad, they had to have chosen some kind of signature, whether or not it resembled their real signature.

            The idea that claim ing the electronic signature doesn’t resemble their own is meaningless and should not be called forgery.

            When we bought our vehicle from Red Rock, we signed on an IPad and when I got home, I saw two items I did not want with my little signature at the bottom.

            I don’t know if, in the flurry of signing, the finance guy just slipped them in…or if he did it himself.

            What I did know is that he never explained the charge when we were signing. And I knew I didn’t want them.

            I called immediately and told him I wanted a refund. They dragged their heels for two days and lied bur I eventually got my money back.

            I am no fan of Red Rock because of this but I’m old enough to stand my ground with unethical businesses.

  2. This truly makes me sick!!! We have been doing business with Fuoco Motors for over 30-40 years. They have ruined a great business! Sad!!!!

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