Rep. Boebert lies to constituents about missed debt ceiling vote

Despite railing against the debt limit deal for weeks, tweeting against it 23 times and calling the bill “D.C. self-created garbage,” on May 31, 2023 Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert missed her chance to vote on the bill.

A CNN reporter caught video of Boebert running up the Capitol steps too late to vote on the bill. As Boebert is dashing up the steps the reporter tells Boebert “It’s closed.” Boebert stops, turns around and says, “It’s closed?” then turns keeps running up the steps.

Despite this video record of her frantically running up the steps too late for the vote, on June 3, 2023 Boebert posted a video on Twitter in which she wears heavy makeup and a rebellious backwards ball cap, and, with a Colorado scene in the background, tells her constituents she missed the vote on purpose, as a form of protest. In her video, she calls her failure to vote a “no-show protest” and tells viewers:

“No excuses, I was ticked off they wouldn’t let me do my job, so I didn’t take the vote.”

She also put an official lie into the Congressional record saying that she had been “unavoidably detained” for the vote:

Boebert’s official lie in the Congressional Record: “I was unavoidably detained” for the debt limit bill vote


  2 comments for “Rep. Boebert lies to constituents about missed debt ceiling vote

  1. It’s nice to hear BimBoebert say the quiet part so loudly…which is her party is only fighting their own self-created garbage. An excellent reminder of what the GOP now really stands for:

  2. Looks like she’s laying the groundwork for her next incarnation, “tarted-up pastor’s wife”.

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