Rep. Lauren Boebert misses vote on debt ceiling bill

For all her railing against the debt ceiling bill, Colorado’s 3rd District House Representative Lauren Boebert missed voting on the bill entirely on Wednesday night. The vote passed by an overwhelmingly bipartisan margin of 314-117. The Senate passed the bill this morning by a vote of 63-36. The bill had to pass before Monday to avoid a potentially catastrophic, historic federal government default on paying debts the nation has already incurred.

Boebert had vowed to vote “no” on the bill, saying “Our base didn’t volunteer, door knock and fight so hard to get us the majority for this kind of compromise deal with Joe Biden. Our voters deserve better than this. We work for them. You can count me as a NO on this deal. We can do better.”

Boebert railed vehemently against the debt limit bill for weeks. The current salary she is paid to represent the voters of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District (or not) is $174,000 a year.

  8 comments for “Rep. Lauren Boebert misses vote on debt ceiling bill

  1. Funny.

    When I don’t show up for work, I get fired….

    ….and… Divorce? So much for family values….

  2. In articles about the Boebert’s pending divorce, a 5/31 hearing in Mesa County was mentioned. I am guessing that’s where she was (or returning from) when the House voted. I haven’t seen any further mention of the hearing on any news site, so can’t say for sure.

  3. She failed to show up for the vote as a selfless act to distract the public from Biden embaressingly tripping and
    falling face down on the graduation stage in Colorado Springs.

    What a patriot.

  4. Two words – Adam Frisch

    And a few more:
    Join Fellow Democrats At the Rally to Defeat Boebert
    (Date/Time: Jun 15th, 5pm to 7:30pm
    Location: Ash Shelter (SE corner Lincoln Park) GJ

    • Also. Who is pulling that highschool dropout’s strings? Sharona Bishop hightailed it to Tejas… Where is Lauren’s support and money and script coming from?

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