Mesa County Commissioners’ new chair of the Public Health Board refuses to say if he believes Covid-19 was “targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people” and spare Jews and Chinese people

On of the many Facebook and Instagram posts by Mesa County Board of Public Health chair Stephen D. Daniels, lauding Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a vocal anti-vaxxer who has spread lies and conspiracy theories for “the better part of two decades.”

The Mesa County Commissioners’ newly-appointed Chair of the Public Health Board, Stephen D. Daniels, has made it known that he is a strong supporter of anti-vax conspiracy theorist and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK). In multiple posts on his social media accounts, Daniels urges people to be open to discussion about Kennedy’s views and believe what Kennedy has to say.

But does Daniels support what RFK told a table full of people last week at a press event in Manhattan (video), that the Covid-19 virus is “ethnically targeted” to attack Caucasians and Black people, and to spare Jews and Chinese people?

RFK’s comments were widely reported as being a “Bigoted new Covid conspiracy about Jews and Chinese” (NY Times), as being “deplorable” and “hurtful” (Fox News), as spreading “false claims” about Covid-19 (CBS News) and  being “antisemitic and racist” (ABC News).

Specifically, RFK said in part,

“There is an argument that it [Covid-19] is ethnically targeted. COVID-19 attacks certain races disproportionately. COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”

I asked Public Health Board Chair Stephen D. Daniels in an email to his new Mesa County email address whether he agreed with RFK’s statements.

In his response, Daniels refused to answer and insinuated that I don’t deserve to know and was being “self important” by asking him about it.

Here is our email exchange from yesterday:

Will not be responding

Notice Mr. Daniels kindly included his cell phone number (talk and text) in the email above, in case you are a Mesa County resident and want to share your views with him. He is the chair of your Board of Public Health.


Another Facebook post by Daniels supporting RFK. He writes “‘We’ deserve to hear this voice and these ideas,” but apparently Mr. Daniels doesn’t feel he has any obligation to hear the concerns of the people to whom he is responsible in Mesa County

  16 comments for “Mesa County Commissioners’ new chair of the Public Health Board refuses to say if he believes Covid-19 was “targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people” and spare Jews and Chinese people

  1. Everyone has got to stop giving attention to this lunatic that serves no purpose other than to vent her frustration to compensate for her life failures.

  2. Thank you Anne, your blogs are most important to my awareness of keeping up with our region. I think you should get those correspondances in the Daily Sentinel. When do I start posting pictures of Adam? from his meet and greet here.
    If I didn’t have so many Medical Insurance and Dr. issues, and home falling apart issues I would most definitely act more aggressively against these people. Thank you for your blogs!

  3. Trumpism follows the 4 R’s. Racism/bigotry, religious zealotry, reality denial, rifle/revolver fanaticism. The saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” is perfect.

  4. We’ve gotten all our Covid vaccines and boosters at the Health Department because supermarket pharmacies have a higher infection rate from shots, but we won’t go near the place now. I guess Mesa Co. Public Health will not offer vaccines anymore once Janet’s people get total control. Will she dress up as a witch doctor to cure diseases?

  5. It light of such racist clowns and right-wing ignoramuses being purposely put into these position to endanger public health and reduce access to services; it’s worth pointing out that some legislation or state-level policies could essentially mandate members of oversight (BoH) roles related to county Public Health Depts must be healthcare professionals or possess a qualification education…sure would sweep away a lot of these local cretins back to the sewers they crawled out from.

  6. Should be an interesting ride for those public health department staff members who in their roles to do their jobs employ scientific theory/scientific methods.
    What an embarrassment and a danger to have such a naysayer at the helm of a public health dept. The continued rise of The Oxymoron in MC.
    Wouldn’t his misguided, ill informed BS beliefs be better suited to campaign for RFK Jr in MC?

  7. Good Lord! I’ve heard it all now. And he’s our chair of the public health board?? At this point, Mesa County is going to be the laughing stock in our State for a long time to come with bozos like this!

  8. I believe Mr. Daniels really believes what he has posted so dont understand why he didnt explain his positions to you. That’s what I’d expect of any public official. I would have been fired for posting such a nasty response. Doesn’t make sense. He could have explained why he thinks what he does…

  9. Anne, I hope you’ll consider altering Colorado’s chair of the state Public & Behavioral Health & Human Services committee to the dangers of these folks who are running Mesa County Public Health.

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