Defiant, Tina Peters is making a living denigrating the justice system, telling lies, selling bogus Covid supplements and boosting other liars and lunatics

Tina Peters hosts four “doctors” on the Sept. 4, 2023 episode of her online show, “The Tina Peters Show” on The guest on the lower right, Bryan Ardis, told viewers that Covid19 was intentionally created as a biological weapon, that “spike proteins were created from venomous creatures all over the world, including snake venom, starfish and cone snail venoms,” that “they’ve been planning the pandemic for 72 years” and “they have engineered on purpose, the destruction of almost every aspect of our lives.”

Prior to being Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters was a charlatan who made a living promoting work-from-home, get-rich quick schemes and selling unproven health remedies like magnets, shoe inserts and dietary supplements, telling people they would improve conditions like neuropathy, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, autism and diabetes. As she awaits her February, 9, 2024 trial on criminal charges, she is falling back on this tactic, turbo-boosting her cons by capitalizing on her new-found fame as a national figure in the election denier business.

This time, however, her new-found charlatanism is far more dangerous and corrosive to American society.

“Transhumanistic reptilian cyborgs”

Tina has her own show now, “The Tina Peters Show,” on, an online video platform favored by far right-wing users. The show gives her an outlet to talk about how she is being “persecuted for doing her duty to expose election fraud as an elected election official [by] the criminal elements from Attorney General Merrick Garland on down,” (9/1/23 show).

Edward Group, a “health expert” on Tina’s 9/4/23 show, says public health authorities are using vaccines, snake venom, wifi routers and more to “try to create a transhumanistic reptilian cyborg” and “robotic humanoids”

She used her September 4 show (screenshot at top) to promote a wellness conference put on by a “team of natural health experts,” including Dr. Edward Group (above pic, center), who actually said on her show,

People are talking about these [Covid-19] injections, it’s so much more than that. Their plan is to create a transhumanism reptilian cyborg, and that’s all documented in all of their papers for quite some time. In 2019, it all came together…wifi routers are direct energy weapons… That might sound insane, but that’s what they doing to try to create this next generation of robotic humanoids, and they’re doing it with CRISPR technology using snake and other venom peptides that are highly resistant to damage.” –Edward Group, on Tina Peters 9/1/2023 talk show

Sponsors of Tina’s show include makers of dehydrated beef to stockpile in advance of armageddon, Mike Lindell’s MyPillow gear, and bogus anti-Covid supplements, like “Spike Support,” below, which Tina vouches for by telling viewers it has “has brought me better mental clarity.”

Ad on Tina’s show for Spike Support

Tina is flying around the country, getting feted as a star, getting her expenses paid and collecting honoraria for speaking at quasi-religious, revival-like gatherings, where she continues to beat the drum of election denialism and claims to be “exposing the truth about election fraud.” She typically uses the same lines over and over, like “I can’t unsee what I’ve seen,” “They’re persecuting a gold-star mother who never even got as much as a parking ticket, ” “I won’t back down, I won’t give in,” “This is not a political situation, this is a God vs. evil situation,” and “These D.A.s and prosecutors are domestic enemies…They’re just tramping all over the Constitution and their day is coming…I believe a lot of these cases are going to go to the Supreme Court and I believe a lot of people are going to hang, I really do…”

Poster promoting an appearance by Tina Peters at a Baptist church in Henderson, Nevada

Tina Peters merch

Tina is also raising money by selling Tina Peters merch, like these T-shirts, which sell for $25 apiece:

Tina Peters models her “Stop Tyranny Against Tina” T-shirt on her show on

Tina is also still soliciting donations for her legal defense, telling adoring audiences that her legal defense will cost $1 million, but that she is undaunted by that sum because, “What God brings you to, he gets you through, can I get an Amen?” She tells people they can help her effort to save America by donating to her legal defense fund:

Screen shot of an appeal on the website, written in the third person, for donations to her legal defense fund, telling people that giving her money is a way people can “do something” and “join the movement” to “save America”

Tina is also soliciting donations for personal support on GiveSendGo, a free Christian crowdfunding platform typically used for charitable causes, like missionary trips, medical expenses for needy families and memorial funds.  A 2022 report compiled about GiveSendGo by LogicallyAI, a group that seeks to reduce the harms caused by mis- and disinformation, criticized GiveSendGo for allowing January 6 insurrectionists, the Proud Boys, and Kyle Rittenhouse to use their site to raise funds for their respective legal defenses. They also found GiveSendGo was “the hub for a multi-million dollar far-right funding network,” comprised of “well-known QAnon supporters, anti-vaccine activists, and the far-right media outlet Project Veritas.” GiveSendGo is also the go-to fundraising site for the “Stop the Steal” election denier movement.

Tina’s page on the religious GiveSendGo seeking donations for her personal support under cover of sending money to “save America.” As of Sept. 8, she had raised over $21,000. People can also click a button to pray for Tina, without sending any money.

So Tina is biding her time until her criminal trial next February by engaging in activities to enrich herself by swindling people and corroding American society.

It may take a prison sentence to stop her.


  8 comments for “Defiant, Tina Peters is making a living denigrating the justice system, telling lies, selling bogus Covid supplements and boosting other liars and lunatics

  1. While she gets showered with $, fame and attention, good people are unable to make ends meet and have no voice in local affairs. Yet over 1/2 of Mesa County would not hesitate to re-elect her. . . . “transhumanism reptilian cyborgs” may not be so far off the mark as I would like to believe.

  2. I’m betting she absolutely tries to fire her attorneys or they try to quit before the trial. A page from Trump’s playbook — delay, delay, delay.
    The question is: Will the judge let the lawyers withdraw on the eve of trial?

  3. As long as she gets her legal bills paid by grifting, we will probably never see her actually go to trial. I foresee, that come January, she will fire her new attorneys and need another 4 month for the new new attorneys to prepare.

  4. Tina’s extremely lucky that there really is a sucker born every minute. You can’t make this stuff up! Could you imagine if she stopped all this snake oil peddling and just admitted she has no evidence of a stolen election and apologized. It would probably be an enormous weight lifted off her.

  5. That “doctor” could sideline as a comic book writer. On second thought , maybe that’s where he gets his medical advice.

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