Restore the Balance is bringing Cassidy Hutchinson to Grand Junction

The promotional poster for Cassidy Hutchinson’s appearance in Grand Junction. RTB will have more details on this event as the time draws closer.

Cassidy Hutchinson is a former White House aide who served as assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the Trump administration.

Hutchinson testified at the June 28, 2022 public hearings of the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, providing testimony on President Donald Trump’s conduct and that of his senior aides and political allies before and during the January 6 United States Capitol attack. As a Trump administration member and direct eye witness to the events that unfolded that day, Hutchinson’s testimony received significant national attention, with several media outlets calling it “compelling” and “explosive.”

Hutchinson had to flee Washington, D.C. for her safety after testifying to the January 6 Committee. She says she is still a Republican but will not be supporting Donald Trump’s bid for the White House in 2024 after what she witnessed.

Hutchinson’s memoir Enough was published in September 2023.

Mark your calendars to attend the appearance of this extraordinarily brave young woman.

  17 comments for “Restore the Balance is bringing Cassidy Hutchinson to Grand Junction

  1. Her blindness right up to the Jan.6th riot, leaves me to conclude only that she is totally without integrity and now seeks fame and fortune for some sudden awakening of conscience. Plenty of things occurred previously that she was perfectly fine with. And a friend of Ted is no friend of mine. Cannot restore her balance!!

    • Eventually, she did the right thing. I don’t care why she did it; what matters to me is that she did it.

  2. What a nauseating take on an upwardly-mobile intern for Ted “Cancun” Cruz that wormed her way to the very top only then to suspicously develop a conscience when it aligned with devout self-interest. Sounds familiar..

    True “American Heroes” will run into enemy fire to save a fallen comrade or sacrifice themself to that others may live; this spotlight-chasing sycophant joined a depraved and fascist regime knowing full well the depth of their immorality (i.e. caged migrant children) yet only grew a spine to save herself and ride away on that high-horse to secure a lucrative insider book deal. Moreover, anybody that still identifies as a Republican after watching this party tear at the very fabric of government, sabotage its core functions, and only seek to dismantle the authority of bedrock institutions since J6 is certainly NOT a Patriot, and like long-time complicit conservatives such as Liz Cheney, represent the strangest of bedfellows for this Restore the Balance movement. Be wary of Greeks bearing gifts…because its Capitalism that is giving voice to political extremism, and by paying Casey generous speaking fees are only laundering the message.

  3. Cassidy Hutchinson was brought in to lie and faces perjury consequences, as unimportant as she is. That Hill article is laughable in its vague claims.
    Several Secret Service agents have denied any physical altercation took place, absolutely contradicting her bizarre claims but THEIR testimony was ignored & suppressed by the J6 shammitte in their Get Trump pogram

    It figures this site pumps the disgraced Cassidy Hutchinson while attacking Tina Peters. PS Tina’s before / after computer images went to the Supreme Court this week …. enjoy !

    • Thank you for your service, local (Russian bot) blog troll and Peters Piper. We certainly do enjoy such a commentary so tongue twisted and fraught with uneducated, incoherent nonsense it’s an affront the english language.

      • You just read (well, tried …in vain… more like glazed your eyes over giving it the ol’HS dropout try… thanks!) a succinct post of English as it emerges from the well educated mind.
        Your comprehension level is far far beneath my point. (see what I did there ? 😉

        To which you erred, AND I QUOTE “it’s an affront the english language.” Maw that over a few times until you the simple minded error dawns on you in criticizing my verbal score.
        But enough sad [sic] about your first attack, Grampa Grammar’m [sic]

        The real question – Why does the stubbornLie [again, sic, for pun-numbskulls] deluded left sniff Russians behind every comment they fear, when in fact the ONLY 2016 candidate that actually transacted with Russians WAS hiLIARy ? ( with Jake Sullivan’s help; where is he now? hmmmm). That poop line of defense is well past its doo-doo date. [see what I di…. oh never mind

        I don’t wish to sway anyone. Avoid all the facts you can… All I do like to do is remove
        “why didn’t they tell me?” from the pile of sorry excuses your case rests on.

        note Stefanie Lambert was arrested today at behest of a DC judge for exposing Dominion. Another hero is born…

        • ” – a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. A better description of the rantings of a Tina/Trump fan, I can’t imagine.

          Funny how none of your “heroes” have to follow the laws like all the rest of us peons do.
          Go ahead and send Tina and Trump (and now Stefanie) some more money…heaven knows they need it.

          • Tina Peters had to follow Colorado and Federal Law;
            to preserve the voting record for 22 and 25 months.
            Dominion had different marching orders and as response to Tina’s
            Luck Pluck and sheer Courage, we know about.


            • If Tina’s so brave, why does she keep putting off her trial? She’s got the “evidence” that will exonerate her…right?

              “Nothing can stop what is coming”? LOL
              Tell you what, Cletus…bring it.
              Y’all didn’t do so well on 1/6, with superior numbers and little resistance, did ya?
              But, sure…let’s make it 0 for 3. 🙂

        • Having a mental [sic]ness and parroting delusional propaganda still doesn’t make you Trotsky, comrade tryhard.

  4. The website calendar says
    Restore the Balance Spring Gathering
    Guest speaker:
    former White House intern, author, and American hero Cassidy Hutchinson.
    5/8/24 12:30-3:00AM
    This is a free, ticketed event.
    Eventbrite invitation to follow.

  5. Brave. Borderline stupid brave. There are so many gun nuts that want to fellate Herr Trump on the West Slope…

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