Sweet Coloradough is coming to Grand Junction

Sweet Coloradough bakery and café announced April 13 on Facebook that they are starting this week to interview people to work in a new store at 1410 North Ave. in Grand Junction, the building currently occupied by Daylight Doughnuts. Their Facebook post says they pay their employees “$20/hour+.” If you want to apply for a job, the application is here.

Sweet Coloradough is a family-owned and operated business that creates “hand crafted” and “decadent” doughnuts. They say they have “One mission…. try to make the best thing a person has ever eaten.” All of their items are made from scratch. Until now, their other stores have been in Eagle, Glenwood Springs and Rifle. They previously had two other stores, in Snowmass and Carbondale, but sold them.

Since Sweet Coloradough stores are independently owned, giving the owners the freedom to constantly experiment with new recipes and flavors, and they are always trying out new items, which makes them unique in the world of doughnut shops. And yes, they have…cronuts! They offer things like blueberry cronuts, a “Rosetta” doughnut that has the taste of a raspberry cinnamon roll and the bite of a cherry fritter, cherry-pineapple fritters, Oreo crumble or semisweet-chocolate covered doughnuts, and “Crojones,” 11-layer doughnut holes that are “fluffy and fabulous” like a croissant. They say they will add bacon to anything you want.

They also offer gluten-free doughnuts.

Not sure what this is…a blueberry glazed something or other

But they’re more than just a doughnut shop. They also offer drinks including coffee and tea and sandwiches of their own creation, like the Phat Pig (a slice of bacon bread, a slice of sausage bread with egg, honey ham, sugar cured bacon, cheddar and cream cheese), and the Air, Land and Sea (an everything bagel with lox, sugar cured bacon, egg & cream cheese) and The Border (bacon cheddar bread with sliced ribeye, pepper jack cheese, sugar cured bacon and “Love Sauce). You can also design your own sandwich from a wide variety of ingredients. Click here to see their full menu.

They will also offer some alcoholic drinks, like a shot of Bailey’s in your coffee or a mimosa to have with your cronut.

I Heart Radio called Sweet Coloradough “one of the best doughnut shops in America.”

No hard date for the opening on North Ave. has been given yet, but they’re working on it, so keep an eye on the Daylight Doughnuts spot for something new.

Doughnuts with crumbled Oreos and chocolate chips on them


Something delicious looking with bacon on it. Sweet Coloradough says they’ll add bacon to anything you want.

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  1. Is daylight donuts still open? What is happening to that store?

    And do we have any reports as to how good their bagels are? Right now, there are no rest coast bagels in town just lame west coast bagels.

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