8 comments for “Abortion Rights rally to be held June 23 @ 10:30 a.m. on steps of the Old Courthouse, 544 Rood Ave.

  1. Republicans will try to pass a nationwide abortion ban if they are in power next year. If you want to live in a country where women bleed out on their bathroom floors after being denied care for a miscarriage, or where 10-year-old rape victims have to flee the country to have an abortion, then go ahead and pretend that living in a blue state protects you or your family.

  2. Will be there in spirit. A reasonable defense to make abortion legal NATION WIDE, is to understand the development of the newborn child, especially that first year. The first year the ‘sensory’ nervous system is developing. You insist the mother go to full term, and promote adoption without knowing the damage that does to two people for the rest of their lives. That break to get an unwanted baby, that senses it’s unwantedness while IN THE WOMB.. into the system , the break from the mother does damage later with anxiety, depression, and understandability ATTENTION DEFICIT with an empty hole that no one but them understands. EXACTLY why there is so much mental, Brain health issues with our youth. Their mother’s had to rush off to work and leave baby .
    with someone else. Loving family members would be the first option, but BREAKS FROM NEWBORNS also leaves the mother with inner scars that she will live with for the rest of her life. PRO CHOICE! best choice! Taken from my own experience and research, lots of therapy, etc. due to the fact I was unwanted but abortion was illegal. I was adopted at 10 1/2 months and shuffled between a few family members and then 6 foster homes. Imagine that consequence! I have had two miscarriages, two abortions with no regrets and two very awesome children. BIRTH CONTROL FOR MEN another solution needed.

  3. I would like to see folks get excited about voting. Primary voting is now ending June 25. and General Elections are Nov 5. There will be a lot riding on this election. There will be lots of issues to vote on. I hope we are all ready!

  4. Not sure why there is so much fury. Abortion is legal in Colorado up to 26 weeks in a clinic and up to 32 months in a hospital.

    And all of this even though it’s been “two years without Roe”

    • Yes, that’s all true, and we’d like to keep it that way here in Colorado, and give those rights back to women in other states who’ve had them taken away.

      See, we don’t just care about our rights. We care about other people’s rights, too.
      I can’t explain to you why that’s important.

    • Your moronic mansplaining hot-take is duly noted, dunce. Even though, yet again, nobody ever asked for it.

      • I’m baffled as to how and why you have assigned yourself the label “True Patriot”! I would submit that you are probably a lot of people or characters! But a true Patriot you are far from!
        The only character that I see exhibited is the one who continually berates other souls! Acting as the Word Smith of acidic nouns and pronoun’s! Your entire vocabulary consists of no more than negative innuendos’ and degradation of any and all who put on paper their own comments!
        You regurgitate that “no one ever solicited the comment! No one ever offered any type of invitation addressed to you! However, you exercise your constitutional right to act as
        the instrument of rebuttal! I not impressed at all…

        • “Wordsmith” is one word.
          There’s no apostrophe in “pronouns” or at the end of “innuendos”.
          “I not impressed” should be, “I’m not impressed” or “I am not impressed”.
          I could go on, but it would take far too much time.

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