Burger King Announces It Will Change to Cruelty-Free Foods

Fast-food giant Burger King announced this week that it will no longer buy pork from pig producers that use gestation crates, and will now use only 100 percent cage-free eggs. Gestation crates are confinement cages that commercial pig farmers use that are so small that pigs cannot turn around inside them. Female pigs raised on factory farms spend almost their entire lives in these tiny crates. U.S. egg producers typically cram millions of chickens into cages that offer only about 67 square inches of space per bird — less space than a single sheet of paper — on which the birds spend their entire lives. Burger King’s policy changes came about in large part due to the efforts of the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS), which has been tackling cruel practices in commercial agriculture, like the use of veal crates, battery cages and tail-docking of dairy cows. HSUS is forming state Agricultural Councils across the U.S. to promote humane food production practices on farms and ranches. The group’s goal is to move agriculture away from a system that treats living creatures as biological “machines,” keeping them confined in conditions that maximize efficiency but are extremely cruel and inhumane, to a more ethical, humane and sustainable system. HSUS announced this week the names of Colorado food producers who have pledged to stand with the the group against cruel factory farm practices. The businesses are Cottonwood Creek Farms in Merino, Colorado, Ranch Foods Direct in Colorado Springs, Sun Prairie Beef outside of Yuma, Colorado, the Flying B Bar Ranch in Strasburg, Colorado and the  American Grassfed Association. HSUS says these producers can expect push-back from others in agriculture who want to preserve cruel practices that maximize their profits.

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  1. I want to cry! Everytime I read these articles or see a video on how badly these animals are treated. I wonder what kind of a world we live in! How heartbreaking that there are so many men and women out there that have lost all respect for life.
    Will tings ever really change? Just because Burger King has now decided not to use producers that use gestation crates, what about ALL the damage that has been done, and all the people in this country that still continue to harm our precious animals that once ruled this earth and we so quickly stole.
    Please God, this has to change.

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