More Advertisers Yank Ads from Limbaugh Show on KGVO in Missoula

Supporters of the effort to get Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves in Missoula, Montana are celebrating another milestone this week: They’ve gotten fully thirty advertisers to pull their ads off Limbaugh’s show on KGVO radio in Missoula. To emphasize that Rush Limbaugh is a bully who is offensive to their community, this week features video of a March, 2012 interview with Michael J. Fox on CNN’s Piers Morgan Show that revisits Limbaugh’s 2006 attack on Fox after Fox made a political ad supporting Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill because of her stand supporting stem cell research. In the ad, Fox displays obvious symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as he twitches and moves awkwardly during the ad. Limbaugh characterized the ad as “shameless,” saying it was “purely an act.” He speculated that Fox was either acting or that he intentionally stopped taking his anti-Parkinson’s medicine prior to making the ad to emphasize the severity of his symptoms and elicit sympathy. The backlash against Limbaugh’s cruel and inappropriate statements about Fox eventually prompted Limbaugh to say he would “apologize to Michael J. Fox, if I am wrong in his characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act, since people are telling me they have seen him this way on other interviews and in other television appearances.” supporters are moving forward in their efforts to pressure advertisers to leave the show, saying Limbaugh is a bully who exceeds the limits of community norms by vulgarly denigrating others for their political views.

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  1. I sent e-mails congratulating those who have pushed back against Chrismon’s lame attempt to muzzle Limbaugh. I suspect that Adair Jewelers (who is actively pushing back against the blackmail)will see a lot more business than Riddles (who folded like a rickety lawn chair). I contacted a number of advertisers that had been listed as “wins” by this silly webpage. They weren’t happy that they had been used in this drama. “We did not pull our sponsorship of the show, as we were never a sponsor in the first place.” Chrismon’s math skills are pretty poor, from the beginning of this drama, the number of signors on his petition is much greater than the visitors to his webpage. Its a fraud. I listen to KGVO most of the day and evening, I am not aware of any greater Dead Air now than before. this started.

    One other part of this pathetic “War on Women” charade that the liberals in Missoula have been waging. Our local “Progressive” Candidate for House of Representatives, Dave Strohmaier had an anti Rush video as part of his campaign warchest. That whiney video was up for about two weeks. He lost by a huge margin. Anne you are doing great work by reporting on this .. just be honest and accurate.

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