Online Database Details Religious Crimes Against Humanity

fishAn eye-opening database publicly available on Google Docs lists known major organized crimes implemented globally by the Catholic church and other religions. The list includes systematic child abductions by the Church (the seizure of millions of babies from unmarried women and girls from the mid 1940s to the mid 1970s who were then adopted out for profit), child and female enslavement, sexual abuse, child pornography, abuse of deaf victims, beatings, severe punishments and use of orphans as “guinea pigs” in human experimental and clinical trials. All entries are documented to authoritative sources or reporting. One example of crimes committed by the Catholic church is the so-called “Baby Scoop Era,” in which unwed pregnant girls were “disappeared” into Catholic “Mother-Baby Homes.” There the girls and young women were fed and housed with minimal attention until they gave birth in rooms alone, without support, assistance, counseling or coaching. The new young mothers were then coerced or forced to surrender their babies for adoption. This human rights crime against women is backed up with a link to a one hour investigative news program by Dan Rather titled “What the Catholic Church failed to tell you: Abominations of the Catholic Church in USA and Canada” that details how from the 1950s to the mid-1970s, Catholic nuns coerced over one million American women and girls to give up their babies. The Church then sold them into illegitimate adoptions for “astronomical profits.”

The document also contains databases of religious victims in other countries, and papal apologies for crimes. For example, in 1992, Pope John Paul apologized for killing Italian scientist and philosopher Galileo in 1642 for declaring that the Earth was round, and in 2001, the same pope apologized for removing thousands of Aboriginal children from their families in Australia. The database also lists victims of other religions as well as companies owned by the Vatican and the banks and businesses in which the Vatican has money invested, or in which its money is held. The Vatican’s investments include American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, General Electric, General Motors, Gulf Oil, Shell Oil and Fiat, among other companies, and it has part ownership in the Fox Channel and the New York Times.

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