The Weird World of Adult Babies


Adult baby bouncer

Adult baby bouncer

After a friend in another country expressed an interest in importing and selling American-made baby items, I agreed to do some research on popular brands, to find out which were made in the U.S. and what they sell for here. While doing so, I stumbled upon something very, very odd.

First I found adult-sized pacifiers for sale on EBay. Then adult-sized baby bottles. Then adult-sized, deluxe baby cribs. I even found an adult-sized baby bouncer.

Okay, this was weird, I thought. So I looked into the phenomenon a little further.

I discovered that there is a small subset of people who engage in paraphilic infantilism, or behavior called “adult baby syndrome.” These people enjoy regressing to an infantile state. They love wearing diapers and plastic pants, drinking from baby bottles, dressing in baby clothes like onesies or frilly dresses, and doing things like sitting in oversized high chairs or cribs and eating baby food. They like to be held and rocked or taken to the zoo, and generally be treated like infants or small children.

Adult baby crib for sale at, which makes furniture for adult babies

Adult baby crib for sale at, which makes furniture for adult babies

Yes, it’s true.

While most adults revile being treated like a child and would find it utterly humiliating, there are some people for whom it is a much sought-after lifestyle, and one they seek to create for themselves. Here is a fairly tasteful YouTube video that takes a look inside the lives a handful people who engage in this very odd behavior.

Paraphilic infantilists call themselves ABs for “Adult Babies.” While some apparently derive some sexual gratification from the behavior, for the most part adult baby behavior is not linked to pedophilia, because pedophilia is not a baby behavior, and these folks seek to both behave and be treated like babies.

An adult male wearing Sissy Baby clothing

An adult male wearing Sissy Baby clothing

There are also subsets of AB behavior types within the larger behavior class. For example, some adults are fine with being and acting like adults, but just love to wear diapers. They may wear diapers under their regular adult street clothes or just lounge around in them at home. These people call themselves Diaper Lovers, or DLs for short. “Sissy Babies” are either male or female adults who enjoy wearing the kind of frilly clothes that people dress little girls in, like way-too-short dresses with lacy underpants. Adult baby diaper lovers are called AB/DLs. As more people who engage in this behavior try to find each other online, more AB/DL sites are appearing, like, and even a dating site for adult babies and diaper lovers called

An adult baby bottle for sale on EBay

An adult baby bottle for sale on EBay

Some professional fetishists make very good money providing safe places where infantilists can indulge in this behavior. These pros hire themselves out as self-styled mommies, daddies or nannies. In Chicago, one professional fetishist, “Mommy Madeline,” has many days on her online calendar that are booked solid at $300/hour, and she takes her payment in the form of donations. Mommy Madeline charges $1,400 for 8 hours and $6,000 to indulge an adult baby for a solid week. The “donation” includes meals, drinks, supplies and “up to one disposable diaper change per hour,” with no limit to cloth diaper changes.

Very little research has been done into the root causes of paraphilic infantilism, partly because the behavior is so rare. Also, few adult babies tend to disclose their behavior or seek counseling for it, or even view themselves as having a medical condition of any kind. Some think the behavior may be linked to stress reduction or transvestitism. Another theory holds that infantilism is an identity disorder centered purely on the self.

In any case, infantilists are increasingly reaching out to each other and finding each other online. As they do, other people, like EBay merchants and Mommy Madeline, are profiting financially from the syndrome by providing the necessary paraphernalia or arranging situations in which people can freely indulge their adult baby urges.

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  1. Hi there.

    This is informative and well-written, but as one who has indulged in this lifestyle for years, there are a few things I would like to clear up.

    1. It is NOT called “Adult Baby SYNDROME”. lol You got that from that idiotic portrayal of the lifestyle featured on CSI episode “King Baby”. When they wrote that, they must not have consulted any ABies at all, which is a shame because there are plenty of intelligent, confident ABies who would have helped them give a more honest and accurate portrayal.

    “Syndrome” makes it sound like we have some sort of disease, and you sort of perpetuated that by then stating, “Few adult babies tend to disclose their behavior or seek counseling for it, or even view themselves as having a medical condition of any kind.” Well, if something is not affecting your day-to-day life, there is no need to seek counseling. We don’t HAVE a “medical condition”, and that’s why we don’t view ourselves as having one. lol

    I honestly don’t know a single AB who calls it “Adult Baby SYNDROME”, and I know A LOT of ABies.

    2. I take issue with this: “For the most part adult baby behavior is not linked to pedophilia…” I appreciate you making the distinction, but why on earth did you say, “for the most part”??? What we do is not linked to pedophilia AT ALL. We are among the largest defenders of children from pedophilia, because of who we are. We protect the innocence. We quickly identify those who are of that persuasion and we sideline them. When a teenager has these tendencies and they try to enter our communities, we quickly sideline them as well. AB has nothing whatsoever to do with real children/babies.

    3. There are a lot of divisions, and some will get upset if you mix up those divisions OR try to place them all under one umbrella (Such as calling them all AB). DL’s are NOT ABies. ABies enjoy the baby lifestyle and other paraphernalia, whereas a DL really only likes diapers. There are “littles” of all age groups, from baby to pre-teen, and then there are “middles” (8-15 or so?) who would likely fight you if you tried to call them an adult BABY. There are LG’s – Little Girls – who have a young girl outlook/personality, and then there are sissies, who for the most part are males who are turned into little girls as some kind of punishment. There are some who want humiliation and some who want affirmation/acceptance, and some who really don’t care either way. There are some who would be completely mortified if their secret life were exposed, whereas there are others who will go out in public dressed as they please. There are gay ABies, straight ABies, and asexual ABies. There are male and female and intersexed ABies, and it doesn’t have to match your physical sex … after all, we already don’t match our physical age. Some live it full time, some part time, and some indulge it very seldom. There’s really no “right way” to do it.

  2. Hello there,

    I just wanted to Thank You so much for using my photo the 3rd one down from the top, yes that’s me wearing one of my 46 darling little girls dresses. Hey i also wanted to let you know that its ok to show my face and use my name to as i’m very out in my community where i live as Sissy Baby Transvestite Reed Barrow. Love your site and Thank You.

  3. Hi I’m baby freddy and I live in davison mich and I’m a submissive sissy baby In diapers and plastic pants,,
    I love to wear frilly sissy baby clothes and dresses,,
    Love pink and white ruffled rhumba panties and bonnets..
    I’m baby freddy

  4. I’m an adult baby. I believe the reason for my being one is because I was punished in diapers and sissy girlie plastic baby panties & pretty frilly baby dresses & frilly baby bonnets from age 4 all the way though my teen years. My mommy loved treating my like I’m a little baby sissy girl.

    • You were lucky that you mummy treated you like a sissy my mummy spanked me for dressing up in her old panties heels and dresses but it felt so warm and nice I loved nappies and always play if I get a chance I love the feeling when I wet and mess my nappies goo goo ga ga I still suck my thumb

    • Agreed. I 45yrs and have always dressed as sissy babygirl/little girl clothes from childhood. I actually prefer how girls knickers fit than boxers and I a sucker for pink,satin and frills&bows and love to act,feel and be sissy

        • Agreed. I really love beig a sissy little girl and not being in control of what happens. And beleive me lots of things have happend,and ar 1st i felt humiliated etc,its so enjoyable and i wiuld happily live as a.little girl full.time. I wear huggies drynites and satin frilly knickers everyday. I also looking for a sissy playmate for sissy fun and games. No limits

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