Planned Islamaphobic Rally Fizzles in Face of Opposition by Peaceful Mesa County Citizens

Anti-Islamaphobia rally particpants in Grand Junction today had plenty of signs indicating how they felt about an armed rally by Islam-haters that was planned for the same spot, but never materialized

Participants in Grand Junction’s Anti-Islamaphobia rally had plenty of signs indicating how they felt about an planned protest by armed Islam-haters that was supposed to be held in the same spot, but never materialized

Mesa County residents blocked an armed Islamaphobic uprising from materializing today by gathering at a Grand Junction Islamic Center with enthusiasm, lots of free cookies and plenty of big, handmade signs promoting peace, love and diversity.

Anti-Islamaphobia rally participants hold signs in Grand Junction

Anti-Islamaphobia rally participants hold signs in Grand Junction

The anti-Islamaphobia rally was held to counter the so-called “Global Rally for Humanity,” an armed protest against local Muslin residents that right-wing gun nuts had planned. Similar protests aimed at intimidating U.S. Muslims were planned in 20 cities nationally; Grand Junction’s was to be one of them.

But thanks to strong, organized opposition, the Islam-hating rally pulled it’s Facebook event announcement page and never materialized.

Waves of residents who abhorred the idea of Mesa County being known as a hotbed of Islamaphobia attended the peace rally, which went on all morning and into the early afternoon. They held up signs on I-70B stating a need for a more diverse, loving western Colorado. Many cars honked as they went by and gave a thumbs-up to the event.

RealPatriotsIn one brief incident, four right-wing Islam-haters did show up, but all they did was make some rude gestures, call the group “delusional,” take a selfie with rally participants and then leave. Otherwise the group was completely successful in blocking the planned armed demonstration of hatred against Muslims that was to take place.

Congratulations, citizens of 21st century Grand Junction. You’ve showed that the culture is at long last really changing here, and it has already changed enough that political sanity can occasionally prevail.

  7 comments for “Planned Islamaphobic Rally Fizzles in Face of Opposition by Peaceful Mesa County Citizens

  1. Anyone who hasn’t developed a healthy phobia for Islam is a fool. Though they laughingly call themselves the religion of peace, Islam is not a religion. It is a death cult political ideology. It teaches it’s followers they are to slaughter all infidels. These are anyone who are not muslim. This would include atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, etc. Churchill called them the greatest retrograde force in the world and I think that’s understated. If you are unafraid of people who put people in cages and burn them , or truss them up and saw their heads off with dull knives or crucify them or lock them in cages and drown them, you are a really sick puppy. These animals do the same to children. I sent a post of one of them standing on the emaciated neck of a starving little boy of about five. The Holy Koran tells them it’s OK to rape goats and sheep. It’s OK to take a nine year old bride (whether she likes it or not) Did you forget these trolls strap on explosive vests and self detonate in crowds of non muslims? By extending the hand of friendship, do you think they will eat you last? Your ass is planted firmly on your shoulders. Are you also members of the Charles Manson fan club? Are you off your meds again?

    • A predictable comment from someone who calls child refugees from Central America “baby cockroaches,” and refers to Japan and Germany as “third world toilets.” (

      It’s so nice to know Grand Junction is finally moving past this kind of closed-minded, paint-an-entire-religion (nation, race, etc.) with-one-brush mentality.

  2. I am SO PROUD of our accepting, progressive community today!
    Hope the world takes notice…
    Because, this is way WE ROLL!

  3. I was unable to attend, but the tasks I was completing this morning caused me to go past the site of the love rally three times over a three hour period, each of which showed a full parking lot, with lots of people, signs and waves of love — I’m SO proud of all who attended — my heart did a flip of surprise and wonder at what you accomplished!!! Dave Edwards

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