Mel Mulder for Mesa County Commissioner, District 1

"It's Okay Little Buddy" - Mel Mulder was a featured subject in this famous local painting by his artist wife, Vera

“It’s Okay Little Buddy” – Mel Mulder and his super-cute little friend are featured in this famous local painting by his wife, artist and art teacher Vera Mulder

Longtime Grand Valley resident and Fruita City  Council member Mel Mulder is running for Mesa County Commissioner in District 1. He is easily of the most qualified candidates for this office that Mesa County has seen in the last 35 years, and certainly the best artistically-rendered candidate. (See picture above.)

District 1 is the biggest district in the county and comprises the western part of the county. Its eastern-most boundary lies along 5th Street in Grand Junction. It goes north, jogs west on Patterson to First Street, then continues north out to the desert. The district engulfs everything to the west to the Utah border, including Fruita, Loma, Mack and Glade Park to the south.

Mel and his family have lived in Fruita since 1986. His children graduated from Fruita Monument High School. He and his wife, Vera, are well known and have been active in many community events and organizations.


Mel currently sits on the Fruita City Council

Mel is a former business owner, salesman and craftsman. He has served on the Fruita Planning Commission for 3 years, on Fruita City Council for 6 years, he is currently on the Grand Valley Drainage District, City Parks and Rec Boards, the Fruita 2020 Revision Committee, and served two years on the Fruita Public Works Commission. Mel served one year on the Board of Assessments, three years on the Grand Valley Air Quality Control Planning Commission, and is a graduate of Citizens Police Academy. He Served on Fruita’s Total Quality Improvement Committee for 2 years.

An Experienced Leader and Future-Thinker

In combination with all this experience, what really sets him apart is that Mel is a forward thinker who is willing to consider fresh new points of view and creative ideas to get our local economy rolling again. For an example of how this works, just look at how the city of Fruita has been changing for the better in recent years by building on its attraction to mountain bikers, building its residents a new recreation center and attracting new restaurants and businesses to town. Mel understands working people and how to help their quality of life. He won’t spend time on crazy ideological pursuits that waste taxpayer money the way the current county commissioners have. Mel is all about hitting the ground running and improving life for the people of this valley. When have you heard a sitting county commissioner say they’re out to make life better for people here?

Mel’s stand-out involvement in public service, combined with his vision and willingness to new ideas gives him a much better grasp of how things work and what the county needs in order to thrive. He’s far more motivated to make positive change locally than the current sitting commissioner, John Justman, who has basically just limped along in office since he was elected, making no real contributions and no real change, and just collecting a salary. Justman has sought to de-fund the Colorado Riverfront Trail, a non-motorized path that many residents consider the gem of the Grand Valley. He also earned notoriety for taking a $2,500 trip to Hawaii on the taxpayers’ dime during a severe economic downturn in 2015, and boycotting a meeting held by the Bureau of Land Management to discuss the possible cancellation of oil and gas leases in Thompson Divide area.

We strongly recommend a vote for Mel Mulder for County Commissioner District 1, to help our area pull out of its economic doldrums. It’s time we had someone on the county commission who is motivated to make a real difference for area residents, and stop electing the same old people who use the office for pointless ideological grandstanding and bide their time to collect a paycheck.

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  1. He will Work for you just as he has Worked for us in Fruita. Don’t vote for affiliation, Vote because you know or will find out how much he can help our county. He listens that is unique today.

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