Who Is the Woman Cutting Loose With a Racist Rant in Front of the Mesa County Health Department?

Adding to concerns about the growing undercurrent of bigotry, hatred and intolerance that runs in western Colorado, this unidentified Grand Junction-area woman cut loose with a racist rant towards a Latino family in the parking lot of the Mesa County Health Department on Monday, August 1.

The family expressed concern about a dog that was left in a hot car in the parking lot.  The temperature that day was in the mid to high 90s.

One of the Latino family members filmed the woman’s rant as evidence in case the woman harmed them, then posted the video on Facebook, where as of August 4 it had gotten over 360,000 views. It’s also posted on YouTube.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel ran an article about the incident and the video in today’s paper.

So far, the woman engaging in the racist rant has not been identified.

UPDATE: Here is the ranting woman’s response after the video went viral. She claims she is hispanic herself so could not be racist.

  3 comments for “Who Is the Woman Cutting Loose With a Racist Rant in Front of the Mesa County Health Department?

  1. As a Registered Nurse I can tell you we are ALL Racist and all Genderist. It is innate and unavoidable. It is what you do with that knowledge….does it skew your perceptions to the point of repulsion or apathy thus the prejudice or does it have only a micro-second of recognition of those points with no change in your relationship as you interact. I know this from both sides of the prejudicial coin after living years in Saudi Arabia.

    The “Angry” GJ female (indicated to her arm while talking color and note this was a female) now needs to be viewed as a human and her point is either valid or not. Do you get mad at the female? Do you hit her? Do you retaliate by filming for social media? Or not…This is where social interaction, honor and forgiveness need to be mixed to decide what is right.

    All of these are choices. People are no more angry then they have been, they just had a bunch of people tell them over and over that it is OK to show anger. No one is expecting control from any adults.

    If our people have the majority of their social interactions on social media, they have no real world experience. When they enter the workforce without that level of life’s experience, they have no coping mechanisms and react. My nephew-in-law believes that is why we are seeing so many shootings by younger and less experienced police. He is a state patrolman.

    Whatever the reason, I am honored to be a member of the Law Enforcement Latino Alliance, and this interaction will be a point of discussion. In this case, the recording of this interaction will become a teaching moment. I hope the person that recorded it had that also in the back of their mind, and not just for loss of life and limb and lawsuit.

  2. The American people are full of anger, growing over the years. It comes out in bizarre ways. Probably (hopefully) this woman is not racist but just snapped for some other reason and it came out that way. Have you ever yelled at your wife, husband or child and said something you couldn’t possible believe in simply because you were over the edge? Our country is in trouble: both Left and Right and in-between. It’s a human-under-extreme-stress situation. A lost culture?

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