Rep. Scott Tipton Faces Upset Liberal Crowd at Montrose Town Hall

The western slope’s U.S. Congressional Representative Scott Tipton (R) faced a packed and overwhelmingly liberal/progressive crowd in the gymnasium at Montrose High School Friday evening, April 7, 2017, at his town hall meeting. Citizens came from Montrose, Crawford, Paonia, Ouray, Grand Junction and other locations. They asked Rep. Tipton about topics including where he stands on health care, why Congress is failing to recognize that the existing for-profit health care system isn’t working, why he hasn’t introduced any legislation to deal with climate change, where he stands on plans to de-fund the EPA, U.S. involvement in foreign wars without Congressional approval, the threatened end to student loan forgiveness promised to people who went to work in the public sector after graduation, the $3 million per weekend it costs taxpayers to protect President Trump on his golf trips to Mar-A-Lago, and more.

Overall, it appeared the audience was decidedly unhappy with Rep. Tipton’s responses, in which he stated that health care in the U.S. was a privilege, not a right, that he sided with big corporations and businesses and the oil and gas industry when it comes to climate change. When asked about the tremendous expense to taxpayers of President Trump’s many weekend golf trips to Mar-A-Lago, Rep. Tipton won howls of anger from the crowd when he said merely that the same protection was afforded to President Obama.  There was plenty of booing and foot stomping in response to Rep. Tipton’s answers throughout the town hall. A lot of people came equipped with (and used) signs that said “Disagree” and “Answer the Question!”

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  1. You’re welcome. It seemed the least I could do.

    Say Anne, have you heard this one? That voice on your cars GPS navigation system (the one that says “recalculating”). That is actually the voice of North Korea’s little Kim. RECALCULATING!! 😉

  2. And just think, all of that hullabaloo could have been easily avoided if you folks had just listened when we told you Scott Tipton was not a REAL Tea Party candidate. That’s why we supported and endorsed his opponent in the primary. And that’s why when Daily Sentinel reporter Gary Harmon ask if Tipton were the Republican nominee, would our Tea Party support him, the answer was NO. And I know because I am the one that answered that question.

    For a more harmonious outcome, next time, advantage the wisdom of more TEA.

    • Was that also the reason why the Chamber failed to endorse Tipton last November? Because they’re a Tea Party chamber? I really want to know.

      • The person you’d have to talk to for that answer is Diane Schwenke. The last conversation I had with her was when they were shutting down the Cameo plant. And that was as she was escorting me from the basement of the Chamber of Commerce building into the parking lot. Reportedly because I showed up representing the Tea Party.

        But if you can’t get in touch with her, there’s a whole gaggle of chamber of commerce GOP types who know everything. Maybe you could just ask one of them. Of course, you may have some problem recognizing them. They’re all masquerading as deplorables now. Or I guess that’s what they are doing. They all crossed out the “never” on their never Trump t-shirts. You got to just love politics.

        • Ps. Anne, here’s Diane’s home phone number, just in case you didn’t already have it. 242-0382 I have Scotty’s cell phone number too. But I already put that out in an email blast to Tea Party members a while back. Hope this is of some help.

  3. He/they don’t care. They will not forsake their ideology and there is no changing minds.

    They can pretty much do what ever they want. There are only bad things ahead. That’s just the way it is and am not trying to be negative.

    After 30 years or so of preparation and planning they are where they want and need to be to reach their goals.

    And it sucks.

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