Daily Sentinel’s Coverage of Ray Scott’s Bill, SB 301, Differs Vastly from Coverage Around the State

CO State Senator Rep Ray Scott (R) seeks to hamstring Colorado Energy Office’s ability to promote renewables

Coverage differs vastly in newspapers around the state of a bill introduced by Colorado Senator Ray Scott (R), SB 301, pertaining to Colorado’s Energy Office. The bill seeks to fund the Energy Office, whose funding is set to end soon, but would also reduce the Energy Office’s ability to promote renewable energy. The headlines alone tell most of the story, but one quote from Ray Scott in the Colorado Springs Gazette stood out:

….”The Energy Office’s original focus on renewables may have been justified at the time, but times have changed,” Scott, from Grand Junction, said in a statement….
Also of interest was a quote in the Pueblo Chieftain from another legislator saying Scott’s bill would jeopardize about 40,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector:

Here are the headlines about the bill from around the state:
Denver Business Journal:

Republican state senator would tie Colorado Energy Office renewal to cuts in clean-energy incentives

Colorado Springs Gazette:

Sweeping changes to energy policy proposed with days left in Colorado legislative session

Pueblo Chieftain:

Utilities look to Colorado lawmakers to thwart Public Utilities Commission

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

Scott tries to salvage energy office


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