Tipton Hates Infants

Tipton voted against letting babies get health insurance immediately upon birth, to allow the parents time to prove their baby’s citizenship.

Republican House Representative Scott Tipton, who represents Colorado’s western slope, voted “NO” on a measure to assure that newborn babies are covered with health insurance immediately after birth for up to one year to give parents time to verify their baby’s citizenship status.

If a baby is born in a hospital, usually the hospital asks the parent(s) if they want to apply for a social security number for the baby. In that case, it can take as little as a few weeks to get the number. But not all babies are born in hospitals, and for those who aren’t (pdf), or who are born outside the U.S., it can take more time to gather the necessary documents to prove their citizenship and get a social security number, which is necessary to get insurance coverage.

House Rep. Scott Tipton (R) has it in for infants

A yes vote would have assured infants are covered by health insurance immediately from the time they are born for up to one year.

Tipton voted “no.”



  5 comments for “Tipton Hates Infants

  1. OK…I can be slow. But the spit was a metaphor!!!????!!!! to pronounce the gravity of the Tipton vote?
    Or are we talking about spitting on Representatives for hating babies?
    Young and good looking huh….now I know why you have such as the wife you do….you devil.
    Speaking about babies. I have my first grandchild. Healthy and opinionated already.

  2. I’ve been spit on, both while wearing the uniform and then again, when I wasn’t. Same people! Babies, sounds like someone wants to spit on you! Compassion? Not a conservative value.

  3. Anne,

    As you know, I’m no fan of Tipton’s. And I see no problem with you taking sharp issue with his vote. I will support and defend your right to do that.

    However, I think there’s something you should know. Back when I was young and good looking, I had a group of people spit on me and call me a baby killer. All because I made the mistake of thinking I could wear my dress uniform home. Oh, I was proud of that uniform and I was proud of serving my country. And at the time, I knew that there wasn’t much I could do about what those people were saying….and doing, or I’d face a courts martial, and spend what little time I had at home in the slammer.

    But I did promise myself that if I ever had the opportunity, I’d find a way to make them understand that I was a human being, not just a uniform. So tell me Anne, you ever spend any time in your youth hanging out at San Francisco international airport? And would you like to know what someone’s vile spit tastes like?

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