Bigotry is Alive and Well in Grand Junction

My husband and I came home from our anniversary dinner to find this sticker on our mailbox. My husband believes it is a hate crime. We reported it to law enforcement authorities.

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  1. A hate crime? Seriously? Sounds like your husband has already been neutered. Not everything that happens to us in this world makes us a victim.

    An immature individual placed a sticker on your mailbox. At worst it is vandalism. Trying to blow it out of proportion into a hate crime is beyond ridiculous.

    • Apparently you didn’t get the memo. No one is trying to build a bumper sticker into a hate crime. What they’re trying to do is build statistics in order to show that there is a campaign of hate crimes.

      I don’t see why you have a problem with that? It meshes perfectly with the assertion that the Trump administration is colluding with and under the control of White Supremacists, and hate mongers. Of course as well as the Russians. And for the greater good, Trump must be impeached. And in that way, his election can be nullified.

      Of course I think there may be some room for negotiations. Perhaps a settlement could be reached where if the GOP status quo, ruling elite would lend their cooperation to the impeachment effort, perhaps VP Pence could be allowed to finish out Trump’s term, if he promised not to run for re-election in the 2020 race. I mean, what’s not to like? Trump would be gone, the Republicans of course would be satisfied with a Republican president and regaining control of their own party.

      And what of the deplorables that elected Donald Trump? Well, they could just be slightly nauseas, but everybody knows they’re not going to do much more than break wind and scratch themselves. Or at least that seems to be the prevailing wisdom. Or perhaps you think I’m blowing it all out of proportion; what comes from a bumper sticker on a mailbox? From a tiny acorn…….

      • AP,
        From a tiny acorn. Using the slippery slope argument? I have not seen a campaign of hate crimes. In fact the majority of the violence I have seen has come from the ANTIFA folks and left leaning protesters. I see liberal college students shutting down free speech when speakers with opinions they do not agree with are scheduled at their schools. I also see liberal people such as Anne attempting to curtail the rights of Americans to own and possess firearms. Will they accept the slippery slope argument in the case of these 2 things? Items #1 & 2 in the bill of rights.

        • OK Ryan. You silver tongued thing. You’ve convinced me. I can feel myself slip sliding away, becoming conservative, right here in front of God and everybody. But just to be sure, I’m going to consult with some other members of my Tea Party. And that’s GJResult.Tea Party. They should be able to tell me if I’m subject to backslide. And it’s nice to meet you Ryan. As I’m sure we obviously haven’t met before.

          Say, you weren’t one of those three thousand plus people who showed up at our first Tea Party event April 15, 2009, were you? If so, sorry I missed you. Keep the faith. Tell it like it is. Deplorables all the way!

          • Who is GJResult.Tea Party
            Fisticuffs at Mesa County Republican Meeting (By Claudette Konola);_ylu=X3oDMTByaWg0YW05BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM4BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1499926665/RO=10/



            Updated: Sat 11:45 PM, Apr 13, 2013

            GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Hundreds of Grand Valley residents are preaching the message of freedom.

            Freedom Colorado held a rally at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction Saturday afternoon. The Pledge of Allegiance followed by the National Anthem kicked off the event, and the rally encouraged attendees to fight for their rights.

            President of Freedom Colorado Kevin McCarney says more than ever, now is an important time to rally for freedom.

            “We’ve seen our rights eroded away. we’re seeing an overreach by our state legislature at an incredible level- across the board,” he said.

            The rally had a “2nd Amendment Bake Sale”, bbq, live entertainment and different guest speakers.

            The Mesa County Patriots, Republican Women and the Delta, Montrose and Mesa County Republicans were some of the groups in attendance.

            Saturday’s event was not related to the GJResult.Tea Party who has a trade name “Freedom Colorado.”

    • #MAGA Native American Trump voter who attended. Was not a single word of hate there. ANTIFA is a terrorist group and should be dealt with accordenly.

  2. Hey Anne, this is just an afterthought, but have you considered a concealed carry permit?? Remember, an armed society is a polite society. And a large bore semi-auto is always conducive to civil discourse.

    • I don’t need a gun to carry on civil Discourse, AP. I can do that on my own. What’s more, possessing a gun wouldn’t do me any good at all, AP, and would in fact be detrimental. First of all, I’d have to catch the guy in the act. Second, if I did catch him in the act and shot the guy in cold blood front of my house for putting a sticker on my mailbox, I’d be charged with murder or manslaughter. I’m not stupid enough to sacrifice my future over the childish behavior of an abject idiot.

      • I read your response to my other post first. But after due consideration, if you’re going to be standing in front of pickups with a loose nut behind the wheel, I do indeed believe your career could be somewhat extended by a concealed carry permit and a large bore semi auto. Remember what we always say. It’s better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one. And there is always Murphy’s Law. Those bad hair days when what can go wrong will go wrong. Especially if you’re attempting to have civil discourse with a hood ornament.

        But I am delighted in your ability to keep things in perspective. And to allow the rule of law to do its work. And always remember Anne, I’ll be here for you if that system breaks down.

        Stay out from in front running pickup trucks and never leave home without your wits. You’ll need those. Say, you don’t suppose Anne that the same person that did mine, did yours? Nah, what would be the point in that???

  3. Isn’t this your second go round with the bigots Anne? Didn’t they take down your rainbow flag or something once? Maybe you should put up one of those motion activated game/trail cams so you could get an 8 X 10 glossy? Don’t you think that might help with the man hunt? Obviously it must be a bigot who know where you live . Or maybe they were just fishing and looking for confirmation in the police blotter?

    I would say by the sticker in your post that they may know who you are, but there’s a lot they don’t know about you. The sticker seems inappropriate for someone of your age. Can you get an unlisted mailbox? Is there a government form for that? Kind of makes you wonder if the bigot was stupid enough to think you were going to change your mind. There’s a lot of that going around. A few years ago when it happened to me, I just changed the name on my mailbox to J. Podesta, and I haven’t had any problems since.

    • Yes, AP. This is the second go-around for us.

      We lived in Glade Park for 16 years and over about a two year period from 20007-2008 someone persistently vandalized a peace flag we had at the end of our driveway. I kept replacing it and finally caught the perpetrator in the act in the spring of 2008. His name was Troy Milam, a former neighbor who had moved further down 16.5 Road and passed our place every day. I was coming back from a walk with Crew one evening after work when I saw him stop by our driveway, get out of his truck, grab the flag and throw in into the bed of his truck. He jumped into the truck and at the same time I ran up to the front of his truck and stood there said I wasn’t going to move until he gave the flag back. I could smell the beer on him from where I was standing in front of his truck. He gunned his engine while yelling at me “Are you an American? Are you an American? I’m sick of these flags!” He threatened to run me over. I suggested that adding murder to his rap sheet would be unwise. His girlfriend was sitting in a red SUV stopped behind him, witnessing all this. He kept yelling and revving his engine and I refused to move away from the front of his truck until he gave the flag back. Finally he relented, got out of the truck, took the flag out of the back of his truck and threw it on the ground. I thanked him, made a mental note of his license plate number, stepped away from the front of the truck, went up to the house and called 911 to report the interaction. The County Attorney charged Milam with theft, trespassing, criminal tampering and vandalism. Milam insisted on a trial and got Greg Meuller for his attorney. Long story short, Milam ultimately pled no contest. I spoke at the sentencing hearing and showed the judge the flag he took and told the story of how we had undergone two years of this vandalism and finally the threats of getting run over, etc. Milam was sentenced to 30 days home arrest with an ankle bracelet and got slapped with around $1,000 total in fees and fines, which did not include his attorney’s fees. The DA also asked the judge to have Milam pay the costs of the prosecution. The judge gave Milam a good lecture about the meaning of freedom of speech, and the Daily Sentinel wrote an op-ed in my favor about the case. The flag Milam stole that day had white dove with an olive branch in it’s beak superimposed over a picture of the Earth and said “World Peace” in English on the top and bottom. I had also displayed rainbow American flags over the years as well.

      Here are a couple of Daily Sentinel articles about the incident:

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