Dare to Care Auto Sales’ Weird Gay Business Sign

A large sign graces North Avenue that appears to promote homosexuality.

Dare to Care Auto’s business sign at 2914 North Ave., on the north side of the street


Dare to Care Auto Sales at 2914 North Ave. has a large sign by the street that, in addition to the name of the business, features two odd black and white pictures. The picture on the left shows a man lying flat on his back with a large, wooden hammer on his chest, and the other shows a man with a beard brashly looking directly at the viewer while another man kisses his face. The accompanying text says, “It’s time to stand Christians.” But a cursory look at the pictures and business name — “Dare to Care” — by passing drivers appears to encourage people to “dare to” have homosexual relationships.

Go, Grand Junction.


  8 comments for “Dare to Care Auto Sales’ Weird Gay Business Sign

  1. Not everyone knows history or Bible stories- and most are preoccupied with all things appearing to be of a sexual nature…This sign refers to The Kiss of Judas-not about homosexuality, it is about betrayal. Don’t be betrayed by other false auto mechanics?

  2. Why not go speak directly with Dare To Care. At least give them a chance to explain what their sign represents. It seems only fair.

  3. uummmm…that’s Jesus being betrayed by Judas, on the right. On the left, not positive, but I assume portrays Jesus being prepared for the cross. Definitely NOT supportive of LGBTQ equality, and most likely very much against it. Was this post intended as humor? Maybe brush up on your satire skills; there’s definitely some good humorous possibilities there.

    • It is subject to interpretation by those driving by. One guy kissing another definitely can be seen as LGBT promotion. And that’s fine. Whatever it is, it makes for a one weird business sign.

    • Singerdog,

      Anne knows very well this is not supportive of LGBTQ equality. She purposefully misinterprets in an attempt to rile up christians. She constantly demands people respect her religious beliefs while disrespecting others. A classic case of hypocrisy.

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