Trump Joins the Weird World of Adult Babies

…On that note, the following bumper sticker was spotted in the parking lot at Sprouts Farmers Market on 12/16/2017:

  6 comments for “Trump Joins the Weird World of Adult Babies

  1. How is this news? Trump has never been anything but an adult baby; a screaming, spoiled toddler who waddles around smearing his own feces on everything while those who adore him tell him what a Good Boy he is.

    • Benita, that sounds a lot like ‘God save us from the Presbyterians’. But I don’t know, maybe we’re on the wrong channel for that?

  2. Interesting video. Where was it filmed? At a Bible camp? Trump’s a Presbyterian, not a Methodist. But I know he’s expressed an interest recently in Bible Camps. And I’m sure he’ll recognize where the video was made.

    After all, he was there….. right??

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