The dangers of June Fellhauer’s 2018 talk by Caroline Leaf, promoted by District 51

WakeUp Ministries’ promotion of Caroline Leaf’s talk

Local self-styled Christian missionary June Fellhauer is back in 2018 and this time, her unregistered nonprofit Wake Up Ministries sponsored a talk at Two Rivers Convention Center on January 12 by  Dr. Caroline Leaf, another Christian missionary.

Caroline Leaf labels herself a “cognitive neuroscientist.” Her teachings are aimed at helping people “see the link between science and God as a tangible way of controlling their thoughts and emotions.”  Dr. Leaf’s talked are based on her own idea that “the mind controls the brain.” She teaches that thoughts are the sole controller of our physical and mental health, that “toxic thinking is the root cause disease” and that thoughts can change our DNA.

The problem is, most of Leaf’s teachings are debunked by science.

Dr. C. Edward Pitts, a full-time family medical doctor in Brisbane, Australia, has been following Caroline Leaf for years and sounding alarm bells about her presentations. Dr. Pitt has written numerous detailed critiques of Dr. Leaf’s scientific claims and explains the dangers she poses to people who believe what she says, particularly people with mental conditions, like depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Leaf counsels, for example, that psychiatric drugs are harmful, and that simply diagnosing a person with a mental health disorder can reduce their life expectancy by as much as 25 years. Leaf also promotes the idea, without any specific proof, that a link exists between psychiatric drugs and heart attacks. She writes that “We must always remember that, first and foremost, we find our identity in Jesus, not labels.”

Leaf is a Primarily Self-Marketer

June Fellhauer, the local self-styled Christian missionary who promotes her events through District 51’s PeachJar electronic literature distribution system

Dr. Caroline Leaf is primarily a self-marketing machine who promotes herself through public talks linking brain science to God. She also makes money from the sale of books she has authored and a “21 day Brain Detoxification Package” she sells online for $19.00. 

Those attending the Two Rivers Plaza event should have been warned that Dr. Leaf does not actually have a degree or any formal training in cognitive neuroscience. Her formal training is in logopedics (the scientific study and treatment of speech defects), also known as communications pathology. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Logopedics  and Audiology and while she has had some training in neuroanatomy and psychology, that doesn’t qualify her as a “cognitive neuroscientist.” She also hasn’t published any university-based research since 1997, and in addition to positioning herself as an expert in brain science, she is also trying to position herself as an expert in mental health and nutrition, without any formal training in either field.

District 51 promoted Leaf’s talk

Several people obtained promotional fliers about Dr. Leaf’s talk through School District 51’s PeachJar electronic literature distribution system. While June Fellahuer’s 2018 promotion for Leaf’s talks were not as overtly religious as some of her past promotional ads, District 51 readily accepts PeachJar ads for religious events and programs, as long as they promote Christianity. (For example the graphic below, a District 51 PeachJar ad promoting the Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Club bible study classes.) When Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers (WCAF) submitted a brochure for distribution on the system, however, District 51 rejected it. They did so twice. The second time was after WCAF revised the brochure based on D-51’s specific criticisms of it. (You can see the first page of WCAF’s brochure here and page two here.)The District has refused to accept the brochure, incredibly enough, by claiming that “atheism is a religion” and saying the District cannot be seen as promoting a specific religion or religious event.

PeachJar flier from D-51 promoting Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs, after-school bible study classes

  8 comments for “The dangers of June Fellhauer’s 2018 talk by Caroline Leaf, promoted by District 51

  1. Took her 21 day detox course, to see what it was about, it was snake oil. Didn’t work I had better luck with actual CBT techniques counselors use, which has also helped people with PTSD. Doesn’t take much brains to see when someone is selling you snake oil.

    • Which documents?
      Trump’s often-promised Tax Returns?
      Testimony of Trump team members meeting with the Russians?
      Deutsch Bank’s records of Trump companies’ “suspicious transactions”?
      Or maybe the minutes of Western Coloado Teabaggers latest Public Restroom Caucus (a raucous caucus, indeed)?

    • Its interesting your article talks about Dr. Leafs work as non scientific, when in fact it is. It depends what side of science world your on. Dr. Leaf has tons of articles and research that can back up her claims. The problem I see here is that she is stepping on big toes. Very similar to natural path doctors vs general mds.

      • Jeremy, i am also having some issues with the seeming relentless way in which Dr Pitt pursues Dr leaf over seemingly many years. he also seems to be a lone wolf in this quest as i see no corroborating evidence other than his own writings. My question is also why has Dr Pitt not also “debunked” the professional people that Dr leaf has as a team of experts in he projects that include: Dr. Robert Turner MD, MSCR, QEEG-D, BCN Dr. Robert “Rusty” P Turner is Owner and CEO of Network Neurology LLC, Dr. Peter Amuaquarshie Peter Amua-Quarshie MD, MPH, MS is an Assistant Professor specializing in Gross Anatomy and Neuroscience, Dr. Jason Littleton Dept. Chair of Family Medicine, Board Certified Family Physician, Author, Speaker, Media Personality, Health Coach, CEO and why has Dr Pitt not attacked her advisory board Advisory Board
        Lori Volkman, JD, Attorney at Law
        Dr. Irinel Stanciu, MD, FACE, ECNU, CCD
        Dr. Darlene Mayo, MD, Neurosurgeon, Neuroscientist
        Dr. Lillian Robertson, OB/GYN
        Dr. Avery Jackson, Neurosurgeon
        Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, Psychiatrist
        Dr. Mercy Amua-Quarshie, OB/GYN

        Could it be that Dr Pitt has a personal axe to grind with Dr Leaf?

        • No it is simply because Dr Loaf’s theories are based on pseudoscience. I have also studied neuroscience and mental health and do not agree with Leaf. I however do not call myself a cognitive neuroscientist which she does which is misleading. Therefore she is misleading people. This is not an opinion, it is self evident.

  2. We have recently been informed that many women and some men are adversely affected by the “jezebel spirit”. This is a condition that is diagnosed by counselors with a degree in counseling from a Christian university. Look up this spirit on youtube and you can get the description. This article reminds me of the same kind of fraudulent degrees awarded by these supposed educational institutions. The “counselor ” that determined the spirit had affected someone that we know, got their degree in counseling in two months with no other educational requirements. Christian adherents do not question the validity of the degrees handed out by these organizations and actually get ripped off by the schools that award them. No wonder they support Trump.

    • How unrefreshing to read the many comments using the fresh modern intellectual tool….stereotyping.
      Maybe they will understand this in their own language: ‘No wonder they support Biden.’ Really?

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