Milo Yiannopoulos’s Grand Junction show cancelled

Milo Yiannopoulos

Grand Junction has been spared a potentially embarrassing and costly problem. A show by white supremacist provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos scheduled for April 14th at an undisclosed location in Grand Junction has been cancelled. The website for the event, “A Night with Milo, Grand Junction” says tickets to the Grand Junction event are no longer on sale. No more details are provided. The tickets had been priced at $40-$109 — expensive for any event in Grand Junction. Yiannopoulos was also supposed to appear in Las Vegas the night before the Grand Junction event, but that appearance has also apparently been cancelled.

Great news, and another win for Grand Junction’s growing liberal/progressive community.


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  1. Mesa County wing-nuts can rest easy. There is no organized opposition. Despite unprecedented crowds at the presidential caucus (for which the dems were woefully ill-prepared) and huge crowds at the both the Women’s and Student’s marches the Mesa County Do Nothing Party could muster only a single local candidate for the upcoming elections and that for the hotly contested position of coroner.

    • Mesa County Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 2 to 1, so any idiot can run as a Republican and win; running as a Democrat is expensive and often futile, just like running as a Republican in a Democratic stronghold, where any idiot can win with a D after their name. And just like any county with single-party rule, the ruling party screws the people, stays in power, and blames the other side that’s not even in control.

      But considering they can scare the crap out of Republicans here just by marching, I think the Democrats are doing all right for a minority.

  2. So tell me what makes Milo a white supremacist? Maybe, just maybe you can convince someone with facts and not shut him down (1st amendment) because you disagree with him! This show is proof that the screaming cry babies are losing.

    • The First Amendment doesn’t apply here, you might want to read it. There’s no law or legal threat against your boy Milo speaking. Either he wussed out, or the owners of the venue did.

      • So you can’t answer my question? What has he done or said that makes him a “white supremacist”. You can view his videos on YouTube if you want proof.

        • I don’t believe I addressed white supremacy, or Yiannopoulus’ confirmed ties to the alt-right/white supremacist movement. I pointed out that you’re ignorant of the scope of the First Amendment.

        • Steve,
          I noticed that you are now posting under a new screen name. Is that because your previous screen name was blocked by this site? What part of Seamus/Scott Iles, does not have to follow the rules do you not understand? He does not answer questions. His role is simply to attack anyone who dares to question Anne Landman’s proclamations. He is their resident troll. But according to him, he’s not an atheist, and he does volunteer work for a local church. Now, about that ocean front property in AZ?

          • Swing and a miss, AP. Not Scott, not an Atheist, either.
            But, seeing as how you’re openly (though mistakenly) doxxing someone, you might be in for more trouble than you bargained for.

          • Oh my. Pray tell, did someone identify you on the Internet? And just who would you be? Perhaps you identified yourself? But whatever trouble you’ve got to offer, bring it Scott.

          • 18 U.S.C. § 1512 … You’re implying you’re a victim, witness, or informant?

            I referred to your nasty little habit of using someone’s full name on a site where most people use pseudonyms. It’s usually considered against the rules of most sites. The trouble I referred to is just you getting banned. Again.
            You really don’t understand the “facts” you try to cite, do you?

          • And shall we assume that your “rules” prohibit me addressing both of you at the same time? Using someone’s full name? Let’s see, would that be like you posting “Willis Leon Johnson” in reference to Uncle Bob’s pseudonym, and mine. Or would that just be evidence that you have no idea what you’re talking about or to whom?

            As for “witness, victim, or informant”, well I guess we could take your previously written words for it, or you could continue your attempt to intimidate and find out which category government records put me in. But actually, I don’t think it matters as to the prescribed penalty, but goes more to motivation for your attempt to intimidate. Don’t you think?

          • Intimidating? Having your name on some documents related to the Tea Party is a threat to you?

            Why would you, a brave (self-described) patriot, self-described Founder of the Tea Party, shy from putting his name on something so important?

            John Hancock’s on the phone. He has a few choice words about putting your name on things.

          • Ah, records? Would that be from the Sec of State’s office? Well, that would fall under public knowledge? And you say you saw my name on those records? Well why not be a man, step up to the plate and totally expose yourself. Post the record. Maybe we can get in contact with the individual who’s name appears on those records and verify the target of your attempt to intimidate? Should be interesting, don’t you think?

          • No, I never said I saw -your- name. As we’ve established, you’re not the John Hancock type.
            It would be more your style to let someone else put their name on it, and you still take credit for it publicly.
            There are other records beside the SOS.
            This isn’t about anyone finding out your name, anyway.
            This is about you slipping up and connecting your name with your American Patriot persona, by claiming to be the Founder of the Tea Party, and all the nasty little things you’ve done hiding behind that anonymous sheet. You did that. That’s the funny part.

          • Well, there’s an easy solution to your deranged state of confusion. Go to the Sec of State’s records, type in the name GJResult.TeaParty and when the record comes up, look for the words; registered agent. And then get in touch with that person, and ask them to verify that American Patriot was not one of that group’s co-founders (one of two). And then post her answer, as chairman of the GJ Result Tea Party board on this blog. Or are you afraid you’d be proven to be a liar, in public, once again?

          • Why would I bother someone about something you don’t have the stones to admit yourself? Besides, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Making someone else provide cover for you while you talk about your brave “battles”.

            One would think, in keeping with the spirit of actual Patriots, a man who claimed to have founded the GJ Tea Party would be standing on a chair, loudly proclaiming his defiance against the status quo.
            Not you. You stay trembling under that sheet and keep talking trash.

            As for the poor woman you’d throw under the bus to protect yourself, I wouldn’t think of bothering her. I’d imagine she’s got enough to deal with.

            I keep telling you, I don’t care who you are. Others might.
            Who you are doesn’t matter to me. It very well might, to the people you’ve betrayed and bragged about spying on.

          • And there it is, for everyone to see. Your credibility is as worthless as your accusations and assertions. And you did that all by yourself. Oh, he’s such a good boy!

          • And you just suddenly decided that the truth wasn’t all that desirable to you. Figures! Do the words slithering lackey ring a bell? But thank you for playing truth or dare. And be sure to retrieve your intimidation on your way out.

          • Hiding behind some poor woman, wanting someone else to make a call and bother her.
            A man would just, you know, be proud of being an American Patriot.

          • So what are you telling us Seamus? Your credibility isn’t worth a phone call? I think that might be old news.

          • Why on earth would I want to bother some poor woman who’s already had to shoulder a burden for you, being the “public” name you saw fit not to show? Why would I want to make her shoulder the responsibilities you shrink from? Once again, someone else has to do what you don’t have the courage to. It’s more than a patter with you; it’s part and parcel of your being.
            And now, you want them to vouch for you, and protect your precious anonymity?

            Are you so distanced from the concept of Fighting your Own Battles that it has to be explained to you? I suppose I can’t fault you for being confused about something you have no experience with.

          • Well, it was your credibility, your delusion, and yours to prove. You’re the one that brought it up, and you’re the one who is crawfishing. Maybe you should have just stuck with your threats and intimidation? I can show you a way to lend credibility to those too. But I really don’t think you’d have the stomach for it. And that’s all you’ve managed to prove so far.

          • I do know one thing;

            Anyone who’d want some random internet yahoo calling a woman who’s already done him a favor by standing up and being named (when he wouldn’t), doesn’t have a lot of respect or regard for her. And you obviously know her well enough that she wouldn’t question why you’d pointed some random internet yahoo at her, instead of yourself.
            So, you know her well enough, but you don’t respect her. And that kind of contempt only comes from close association.

            The only logical conclusion here is very, very sad indeed.

          • You “do know one thing”, and that would have to be that once again, you’ve been cornered by your lies and by your lack of intelligence. And that’s pretty much all that happened here today. Same crap, different day. And I strongly suspect that would be the story of your life. People like you pretty much come and go in this world, without notice. There’s just nothing there.

          • Well, you’ve told so many lies, it’s probably understandable that you wouldn’t remember all of them. But I don’t have that problem. And yes, I am one of the two founders of GJ Result Tea Party. Trump is President. Now, those are just facts. It’s only six and one half more years or so….I mean for Trump. Founder of course, that’s forever….scootums.

          • Funny thing is, I never bothered with the SOS website; it was you who “revealed” that some poor woman was acting as your shield. All anyone needs to know is found on your PAC information.
            But, your histrionics, cowering behind that poor woman who has to protect you, gave a whole other aspect to the story. A sad, familiar story where a wannabe tough guy makes someone else stand up where they choose not to.
            I don’t care who you are. At this point, it’s likely none of the people you’ve betrayed and bragged about spying on do, either. They probably have more important things to do. But since you insist on making allusions about people’s identities, I’m just leveling the playing field.

    • Steve, the comments policy on this blog prohibits name-calling (which is immature and pointless anyway), so if you continue to post comments in which you call people things like “screaming cry babies,” I will block you from further commenting.

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