Atheist billboard graces entrance to Grand Junction at Easter, 2018

Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers (WCAF) has a new digital billboard up in front of Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A at Rimrock Marketplace on I-70 B just in time for Easter. It shows a child with a shocked look on his face holding a book that looks very much like a Bible. It says “Belief without proof is gullibility.” You can see the board as you are heading west on I-70 B.

WCAF wanted their spring billboard to have an educational component this year. The group wanted to emphasize that people deserve proof before believing what they’re told. They also want to urge people to come to logical conclusions based on verifiable facts rather than on lore, mythology or pure faith.

WCAF’s mission is to educate the public about atheism, promote acceptance of atheism as a rational belief system and preserve and promote the wall of separation between church and state.

The board is up through Tuesday, April 4. WCAF says anyone who takes their photo with the billboard and posts it on WCAF’s Facebook page will get a free package of M&Ms.  To donate to more billboards like this, go to WCAF’s Donation page.

  17 comments for “Atheist billboard graces entrance to Grand Junction at Easter, 2018

  1. Religion is a manmade concept…”opium for the masses.” A truly successful means to control the masses and especially women. I have a shirt I inherited from my daughter that states “EVE WAS FRAMED”

    Once you listen to Joseph Campbell and others of his ilk, you realize that faith is so personal that its direction is part of your own life’s illusions. There is nothing wrong with personal faith. The problem comes when one person or a group of people decide, self righteously, that they have a right in the administration of someone else body.

    Diane you are so correct.

  2. Re the billboard; “A lot of people around here probably don’t want to say anything because of that attitude right there, loud mouth boisterous stuff, its almost a threat to people who do support the president”

    Now who do you suppose it was that said that?

      • Well, maybe you’re asking the wrong person, you idiot! That’s a direct quote from Robert Fisk as printed on KJCT8. Due diligence son, due diligence.

  3. I commend the WCAF for their communication to the general public that there are those who choose to not only think for themselves but encourage others to do so as well. I seriously doubt this billboard will facilitate the urge of Trump supporters to get out and vote. They already don’t need help to make irrational decisions.

    • I recall there being wild accusations made against an entire school district not too long ago. I guess we should apply the same message from the billboard to that scenario. It would be pure gullibility to believe any of it without proof.

  4. What a great idea. A billboard mocking Christians on Easter. Telling them they’re “gullible”, backward and irredeemable deplorables. You’ve just got to wonder how many Trump votes that’s worth? But, no doubt worth every penny that the Atheists paid for it.

    And Thanks.

    • So, you’re admitting that Christians believe without proof?
      Otherwise, it wouldn’t be mocking you at all, would it?

      • Duh? Maybe that’s why they call it a faith based belief system?

        Jesus Christ on a rubber crutch. Boy, you are dense.

        • No, that’s totally cool. If you admit that there’s no proof for your beliefs, then I can understand why you’re butt-hurt about it. Although, if your faith is strong, what do you care what silly old atheists think?

  5. Anyone who challenges status quo should be applauded whether you agree with the premise or not..People need to think for themselves and move away from our national and religious brain wash.

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