New form of harassment: weaponization of classified ads

Online version of the malicious Nickel ad

Utilizing a novel form of harassment, someone put a malicious classified ad in the January 3 edition of The Nickel Classified Ads saying our house was for sale “by owner” at a lowball price, and that there will be an open house Jan 11-13. Whoever placed the ad used our numeric street address and included a verbal description of our home. They did not include a phone number in the ad.

We found out about it after a realtor came to our house with the hard copy of the ad in The Nickel in hand and showed it to us.

We reported the malicious ad to the Daily Sentinel, who owns The Nickel. The Sentinel employee said whoever placed the ad must have created an account with them, and that they will get the identifying info on the person who placed the ad and get back to me. With some luck they will also be able to get a description of the person who placed the ad.

Beware of this new form of harassment.

Perhaps in the future, media running classified ads can prevent this kind of problem by requiring proof of ownership of a FSBO property (e.g., drivers license, a utility bill, copy of a warranty deed, verification of ownership on the Mesa County Assessor’s Lookup website, etc.) before accepting a classified ad for property that is “for sale by owner.”

  13 comments for “New form of harassment: weaponization of classified ads

  1. Boy….there are some major nasty ass people in this Grand Valley masquerading as “patriots” or “vigilante’s” when in fact they are mostly A**H*LES!

    If by some HUGE stretch I ever found out an acquaintance did such a SH*TTY thing I would personally call the GJ Police and turn his sorry A** in, all the while hoping he GOES TO JAIL or is ordered to pay a HUGE fine for being such a horrible citizen.

    Here’s hoping the Sentinel steps up and helps expose this stinking SOB!

    Pissed Off by Nasty, Evil, Delusionally Righteous People taking in too much AIR in GJ,

  2. A white male in his late 50s? Funny how you also look like a man in his late 50s. Stop playin’ Anne you know this was you.

    • Wow, a typically brave attack from one of our Grand Valley Deplorables. Did you actually post this, or did you get someone else to do it?

      Oath Keepers, indeed.

  3. These are the same gutless wonders who think they’ll save ‘Murica with their guns. I guess they’d publish fake classified ads to defeat tyranny.

    • It all goes back to belief in a separate savior. That IS the separation. The lesson is lost from there. That is the Point of Weaponization and Impotence of the believer, from which system there cannot be any recovery from in a lifetime. What a denial of nature.

  4. Update: 1/5/19 @ 2:20 p.m. – It turns out the Daily Sentinel does have security cameras and may be able to provide a picture of the person who placed the ad. The employee who took the ad described the person who placed it as a white male in his late 50s, wearing a baseball cap and a green or brown sport coat.

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