Local students win essay contest awards of $500 and $250

An awards ceremony will be held tomorrow, Sunday, March 31 at 1:15 p.m. in the Monument Room of the downtown Mesa County Public Library to announce the winners of Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers‘ 2018 Student Essay Contest.

The contest, announced last September, was open to all middle and high school students in Mesa County. The topic for submissions was the importance of separation of church and state to our country, and our democracy.

A student from Grand Junction High School won the high school award of $500 and a student from Redlands Middle School won the middle school award of $250.

All individually identifying information was removed from each essay prior to judging, except whether the author was from a high school or a middle school. A panel of six judges judged the essays, including two teachers who are currently working in District 51 schools. The judges’ decisions were unanimous for both winners.

Come find out who the winners are, hear their award-winning essays and help celebrate their job well done!

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  1. Literalism is the great ignorance of the human. It further enfeebles the literal-minded masses it has created, who in turn compensate for their creative encripplement with guns, violence, sex, booze, drugs, unkindliness, etc.

    The savior is a symbol, not literally a tangible separate.

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