The 5 Minute Mueller Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated that after two years of investigation, his team was unable to exonerate President Donald J. Trump of committing crimes.

Don’t have time to read the whole 420-page Mueller Report (pdf)? That’s understandable.

You can download an audio recording of it for FREE and listen to the whole thing while you’re driving, doing housework or exercising. A free recording of it available here, on Audible.

If you don’t have time to read or listen to the whole thing, but still want to know why it’s such a big deal and why everyone is talking about it, here’s a quick summary:

Volume I of Mueller’s Report:

Volume I describes in great detail all the ways that the Russian government worked to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Trump win the 2016 presidential election. The Russians’ actions did not involve changing votes, just influencing the public.

Russians used three means to influence the American electorate:

1)  HACKING: Russians hacked into the Democratic Party’s computers, stole approximately 50,000 emails and then made the emails public through Wikileaks at crucial moments in the election when it would help Trump the most, like within hours of the Access Hollywood tape being released (the Trump “I can grab them by the pussy” video).

2) SOCIAL MEDIA: Russian military intelligence hired a building full of people in Russia to carry out an extensive and highly organized social media campaign aimed at dividing Americans along racial and political lines and inflaming Americans’ emotions through the use of fake social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and a website called “DCLeaks.” Russian-controlled social media accounts made over 80,000 online posts by August 2017, which reached at least 29 million and at most up to 126 million Americans.(Page 26) Trump campaign surrogates including Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump Jr., Michael T. Flynn and others helped these efforts, promoting dozens of inflammatory Russian tweets by retweeting them. Russians also posed as Americans and, through social media, organized rallies opposing Hillary Clinton and boosting Trump.

Thursday, May 30, 2019 Daily Sentinel headline about the Mueller report

3) RUSSIAN CONTACTS WITH THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN: Russians had repeated contacts with people in the Trump campaign offering business connections, assistance to the campaign, invitations for candidate Trump and Putin to meet in person, and inviting Trump campaign officials and representatives of the Russian government to meet.

Mueller was unable to uncover clear evidence showing Trump and members of his campaign intentionally coordinated with Russians on these efforts, but said he was unable to obtain all needed information and evidence because some people his team team spoke to for the investigation refused to talk and took the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination, and destroyed evidence and communicated using applications that are encrypted and designed not to preserve sensitive communications, like What’s App.

Volume II of Mueller’s Report: Obstruction

Volume II lays out in great detail all the ways Donald J. Trump worked to thwart the Justice Department’s Russia investigation: by firing officials, threatening and intimidating witnesses, lying to the press and investigators, ordering his lawyers and aides to lie to investigators and the public and ordering his aides to take illegal and unethical actions, which many of them recognized as wrong and refused to do.

Below is a chart that explains a dozen critical incidents of obstruction by Trump. Green check marks indicate the threshold was met for legal action.

Why didn’t Mueller recommend indictment if Trump’s acts were illegal?

Mueller explained that a Justice Department policy developed when Richard Nixon was president prevents a sitting president from being indicted for crimes while in office, and that was why he didn’t recommend indicting the president on any charges. Mueller explained, though, that there is nothing stopping the Justice Department from investigating a sitting president while the evidence is fresh and documents are available, so that charges can be brought against a president and any co-conspirators after he leaves office. Mueller also said that he and his team could not exonerate President Trump of wrongdoing.




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  1. Thanks for this, I will share.

    Kudos to anyone who is actually reading the report!!!!!

    And, have you seen this? The Investigation, a play based on the Mueller Report with a star studded cast! Jon Lithgow, Kevin Klein, Annette Benning, Zachary Quinto, Alyssa Milano, and many others.

    Its surprisingly entertaining! You should see Jon Lithgow playing Trump! He really gets into I

    The play starts 2 minutes in.

    • Thanks so much for your 5 minute Mueller report, it is well written and I definitely will share it.

  2. Ah, see you’re getting smarter already. It’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s just that we don’t like you. And you’re the one with the global warming problem. We’re the one with the right to be left alone….unless you think vinegar makes better bait than honey? Or maybe you don’t really believe your own fear mongering time line, which dictates there will be no future generation? Or is that just aspirational?

    And good luck with that DIY global warming project, because idle hands are the devil’s workshop. And you’ll find that many hands make light work. The other lesson that may become available to your understanding, is that we all inherit the world that we were born in, imperfect though it may be, and success is measured by survival. And it isn’t mandatory that you like it.

    • Nature and man and god are not separate. They are essentially the same, conceptually different. Monotheistic belief systems of a separate savior violate all understanding of metaphysics, and keep the ignorant ignorant in their quest for certainty.

  3. Thank you for this summary. I’m reading the whole dang Mueller Report for myself and it’s not the most fun summer read. Still, it is important for all of us to read no matter what our political leanings.

    • The audiobook version on Audible is available free, Kayla, and makes it a lot easier to digest the story. You can listen while exercising, cleaning, driving, etc. If you can get past the legalese, it’s actually a pretty gripping and outrageous story.

  4. I believe it’s obvious that Russian meddling, and for that matter US meddling, especially under the Obama administration, in other country’s elections has been ongoing for years. And I do not believe that the Democrat/socialists target was anything other than Trump’s Presidency.

    What you are forgetting are the millions of people who see right through the Dems scam investigations. We know who you are, we know what you’re doing, and why you’re trying to do it. Let’s face it, your insurance policy, when exposed, became worthless and your coup attempt hazards our nation and your liberty, when your treason is exposed to the American voters. But I have faith that eventually we will be able to assist you in at least coping with the fact that your matriarch lost the election. And your political party is in shambles.

    And besides, didn’t you guys say you were going to leave the country if Trump was elected? So what’s the hold up? And how can we be of assistance to your travel requirements? Be careful what you ask for? Six more years. Can you handle it, or will you need to quit our nation?

      • How come all that’s ever missing from a socialist revolution is lunch and dinner? But it’s all you can eat fake news. That too shall pass.

        Does anybody out there really know what time it is?

          • “Global warming takes out all parties”? So does old age, and so does life in general. That’s why you’re finding it difficult to scare the old folks into submission. And on the other hand, all we have to do is nothing, and it scares the hell out of the climate change snowflakes. That’s the difference between political and practical; and the end of the world as you know it. If you want OUR help with YOUR problem, you’ll need a different approach. You’ll need an attitude adjustment Or you can go to hell, and call it global warming.

            The good news is, it’s a ten year learning curve, and that’s more than enough time for smart to soak in, as in old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm every time. Or you could try for the rapture. “Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid”. And I could only add shorter. But it looks like you’ve already managed to figure that one out.

          • Relax, AP. No one is expecting you to care about future generations. Live out the rest of however many days you have left in blissful and belligerent ignorance. No one needs or expects you to care about anyone but yourself. Your kind is on the way out (thankfully), and none too soon. You sit on your couch and watch that old VHS tape of Rambo for the 191st time and pretend you’ve served. We’ll be fine.

  5. Just to put some real facts to the story.
    1. The Russians and every other country in the world who have the capability, meddle in other countries elections, including the US, see the obama administration meddling in the Israeli elections in an attempt to unseat Netanyahu. Meddling is nothing new and has nothing to do with Trump, except that obama knew it was happening and stayed quiet about it.
    2. Why would the Russians want to support Trump when they knew for a fact that clinton was for sale and they had already proven that with the buying of the SOS office under clinton and buying 20% of this countries uranium supply.

    • 1. Obama tried to get McConnell to issue a joiunt statement about the meddling so as to not appear partisan. McConnell refused.

      2. The Uranium One deal sold 20% of the refining capability, not actual uranium. And there was no influence from Clinton, as the donation from the former board members took place before Clinton was SoS. Unless you believe that someone left the board of Uranium One, donated money to a charity on the off chance the owner woul one day fail to influence a deal involving a company they no longer worked for.

      You are rather easily convinced, it appears. Another word would be gullible.

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