Job openings with the county pay $87,500/year plus benefits and require no experience

Salaries for each of the three Mesa County Commissioners for the month of June, 2019

Mesa County has two job openings right now that pay $87,300/year gross salary with additional generous perks and benefits, and that require absolutely no experience and no required level of educational attainment. That’s a pretty good wage in Mesa County for someone with no experience and no particular educational attainment, since the wages here are so low compared to the rest of the state. (The average weekly wage in Denver in the last quarter of 2018 was $1,414. In Mesa County it was $895). The opening is for two new county commissioners. The only requirements to be county commissioner — literally — are that you have to be a minimum of 18 years old and have lived in either County Commissioner District 1 or District 3 for at least one year. That’s it. In case you don’t believe me, the photo above gives the salaries for each of our three county commissioners for just one month — the month of June, 2019. The information was printed in the legal notices in the Sunday, August 11, 2019 issue of the Daily Sentinel. You can see the minimal requirements for the job yourself posted on Mesa County’s website. Multiply the above salary by 12 to get your new annual gross salary if you land this job ($87,500/year). Oh, and did I mention it’s also free to apply? You can even have a criminal record and it’s okay. This position can be held for up to 8 years.

Rose Pugliese, County Commissioner from District 3, is one of the sitting county commissioners who is term-limited out.

The job is located in downtown Grand Junction, so there’s not much of a commute either, and you’ll get a reserved parking spot so you’ll never have to pay for parking downtown.

Imagine being able to support your family well on a salary like this. Imagine not having to work 60-80 hours a week at two or more jobs or having to drive to the far reaches of the county, or even to another county like Pitkin or Garfield for a job that pays this well. Imagine not having a boss. Imagine getting respect from the community and a say in what happens around here. And whenever you talk, everyone will pay attention to you, no matter how silly what you say is. (See photo at right.)

The District 1 and 3 seats are opening up because the current commissioners, John Justman (District 1) and Rose Pugliese (District 3), are term-limited out. District 1 comprises almost all the area west of 26 Road all the way to the Utah state line, and District 3 is Orchard Mesa and everything east of 31 Road. Here is a map showing the boundaries of the commissioner districts. Check the map to see if you are eligible.

A great time to run!

Mesa County Commissioner John Justman of District 1, who is a member of Mesa County Deplorables, is term-limited out in 2020.

Right now is a good time to apply for the commissioner job, too. The incumbents can’t run again, making it an open field, and the current crop of commissioners have been involved in so many unsavory shenanigans that voters may not be in the mood to elect any more “retreads” (former elected officials who have already been term-limited out of office once), or other members of Mesa County’s Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGREs), who have already held one office for a long time and then run for different local elected office so they can continue to have a cushy, high-paying job on the taxpayer dole. Plus, we need fresh blood in these offices to move Mesa County forward instead of the same old people who want to move us backwards to the 1950s.

There’s still plenty of time to get your name on the ballot. Get your name in as a candidate ASAP! Contact the Mesa County Clerk’s Election Office for information on how to throw your hat into the ring for this terrific job: (970) 244-1662.

Oh, and if you think the county commissioners get paid well, check out the one-month salary, also shown in the pic above, for the Mesa County Administrator! The last administrator, Frank Whidden, just resigned his seat. Talk about cushy. He had been on PAID LEAVE for TWO FULL MONTHS before resigning, too, for “undisclosed reasons.” Yup, that’s two months of time off with full pay, taking it easy and pulling in $15,000/month (yes, that’s FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollars a month) on the taxpayer dime. You can’t beat that in Mesa County! Jump on this bandwagon now!

  3 comments for “Job openings with the county pay $87,500/year plus benefits and require no experience

  1. WOW! How much should we pay for Mesa County Commissioners? One could also run from county Coroner with no qualification too, but that wasn’t mentioned here as a comparison. So maybe there are some facts left out, like even if the hours of CC seem to be low, which one of the Commissioner’s do not work full timed schedules for their districts? Can these be named, and if so, who are they?

    Private or Reserved Parking: If I were an employer and worked Dwn Twn, I would love to give my employees “Private or Reserved Parking,” so why shouldn’t we to our CC? This should be a given, they are working for me (I) would want to provide this for them. The article though seems to throw an “unfair-treatment” into the mix, my opinion I disagree.

    “No Experience Necessary.” (This is kind of funny when you think about it). First we have here in this blog arguments against “retreads.” But then there is the complaint of “No Experience Necessary.” Which do you want people with experience or people without?

    So this is actually a report of ridicule with no mention on what the author would do differently. How much should a CC be paid, what of their perks, should they have any? And of their “Experience,” should they have any, and if so which kind. Law (as an Attorney), or common as in not?

    Really, if you’re going to bitch about an issue give alternatives to shed light on a better way of doing things, otherwise your voice will just go silent.

    TY in advance for your replies.

  2. Bristol Palin was paid three times that amount from Candie’s Foundation to say that she was abstinate for like five minutes. And then, not so mysteriously, more newborns started pouring out.

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